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I have been involved in childcare since I was about 14 years old, and I’ve done it more and more, over the years. Many teenagers choose to work in places such as coffee shops, the mall, pizza places, and more. You see high school guys being “delivery boys” and many girls working in Starbucks. As fun as this seemed, it never piqued my interest. I chose to take a different route to make income, and that is childcare. 


When I tell adults and friends that I work with children as a part-time nanny, they tend to ask when I will “get a real job”. They feel as if taking care of children isn’t a real job and I should be in a retail position. They act as if my job is such an immature position. I, on the other hand, feel differently. When a parent puts trust in you to take care of their babies, you feel good about yourself. When I start to bond with the child, I start to look forward to going to work every day. It’s a rewarding position to hold and I wish more people didn’t look at it the way they do. 


There’s a lot of benefits that come with my childcare position. Every dollar I earn while working, I get to keep. There are no taxes being taken out of my paycheck every week. I also have the choice if I want to get paid weekly, biweekly, daily, etc. In other positions, that isn’t up to you. Another thing that isn’t really up to you in other positions is a flexible work schedule. If I have class from 12 pm-3 pm, I can find a position that doesn’t need me those times or I have the ability to work with the family. If I get sick suddenly, I have the flexibility to call out the day of, and while it may be an inconvenience, it’s much easier to arrange plans to cover yourself then if you work in a retail position. 


Most importantly, the best part of what I do are the kids. I absolutely love seeing the kids I take care of. While many parents want to make sure I’m a fit for them, I always make sure they’re a fit for me. I spend so much time with these children, I always make sure I feel like I belong. Seeing their smiles when I walk through the door will always warm my heart. When a child starts to put their trust in me, I take it very seriously. I consider myself a mentor and I know I have a big role in their lives. Even with babies, I take care of, I know it takes a lot for them to be away from their parents. When they show happiness from being with me, it makes my day so much brighter. 

Maria Hofmann

Montclair '22

Just a Journalism major with a passion to write. She loves listening to music and attending concerts as often as she can. She loves to drink coffee on the regular as she spends some quality time gossiping with her best friends, one being her mom! She's super outgoing and loves to meet new people so she can share stories about her life with others.
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