The Ultimate Skincare Survival Guide to Help You Start the Semester

After a few weeks of much-needed relaxation, it’s time to get back to reality with the beginning of the spring semester. As you power through projects, papers, extracurriculars, and your spring internship, your skin may begin to reveal the effects of the all-nighters and stress that you have endured throughout the week. On top of everything else that you have to worry about, breaking out should not be one of your concerns! To prevent acne from appearing and to keep it at bay when it inevitably arises, incorporate these products into your skincare routine.

Cleansers To Calm Your Skin

Washing your face is the most essential part of any skincare routine, so make sure you do so with products that will target your skin’s needs. When you’re under pressure and your acne gets inflamed, be extra gentle so that your skin can heal faster. Avoid harsh scrubbing and absolutely avoid picking at the zits. Here are some gentle but powerful cleansers that will effectively prevent oil buildup and calm redness:

Cetaphil Oil Free Cleanser

Pick this up on your next trip to CVS. Not only is Cetaphil conveniently sold at supermarkets and drugstores, it is also reasonably priced. Cetaphil is one of the gentlest formulas that you can buy because it doesn’t cause any irritation and there are no harsh chemicals that will dry out your skin. This cleanser is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin, and it also works well for people who use a lot of products in their skincare routine.

Alba Botanica Acnedote Deep Pore Wash

When stress really wreaks havoc on your skin, it might be time to up the ante. Using a stronger cleanser that targets your pores will eliminate acne at its source. The Alba Botanica Deep pore wash will help unclog your pores and aid in skin cell turnover to heal old acne and reveal new glowing skin. When your everyday cleanser is no longer enough to combat your breakouts, switch to this more powerful formula.

Simple Foaming Cleanser

Like Cetaphil, the Simple Foaming Cleanser will effectively calm redness and reduce oil buildup. This cleanser is especially helpful for those who have dry skin because it maintains a natural layer of moisture to keep your skin looking refreshed. If you are sensitive to certain chemicals, this may be the cleanser for you because it is only composed of the most basic ingredients.

Spot Treatments To Cure A Breakout

When the stress from finals week causes more acne than usual, be sure to apply a spot treatment directly onto the afflicted area to banish your blemishes. Seek out products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, as these ingredients are super helpful in combating breakouts.

Glossier Zit Stick

This spot treatment is ideal for treating pimples on the go. A benzoyl peroxide formula, the zit stick dries clear on the skin so you can apply it anywhere when a breakout appears. With regular use, the zit stick will effectively heal acne and prevent breakouts.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

If you have been searching for a spot treatment that will visibly reduce the appearance of your acne overnight, then this is the product for you. This formula gets the job done and yields results within one use. Finish off with your favorite Mario Badescu facial spray to calm any redness and add a natural glow.

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots

These sticker-like dots work miracles on your skin. If you have a tendency to pick at your zits and cause more harm to an already problematic area, then be sure to stock up on these acne spot dots. They act as a band-aid for acne, healing the wound, clearing the skin and preventing infection.

Toners That Will Bring Back Your Glow

Any skincare routine can be enhanced with the addition of a quality toner. These formulas go above and beyond, and they do much more than just balance your skin. These products will allow you to achieve a natural glow and blur the appearance of acne.

Glossier Solution

The Glossier Solution is the holy grail of acne-curing products. After just a few days of applying the solution to your skin, you will notice that your acne has significantly faded and your skin will begin to glow. Packed with powerful ingredients, this chemical exfoliant will reduce your worst breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from this product because it is quite harsh.

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner

This product is similar to the Glossier Solution but it’s not as abrasive. This is an alternate option for those with more sensitive skin, as it is effective but not overly strong. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, this product is slightly cheaper than Glossier and can be found on Amazon.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

This toner is targeted for those who just want to increase their natural glow. If you’re not looking for your toner to contain harsh ingredients meant to combat acne, then add this product to your skincare routine. This is a great option for those who are already using other formulas for their acne and are seeking to find a product to give them a natural glow. When other products strip your skin of its moisture, use this toner for a refreshed appearance.