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The Top 5 Funniest Shows of All Time

When it comes to comedy tv, some shows are unbeatable. Cartoons, sitcoms, talk shows, etc. Here’s some of the shows that make me pee my pants and cry of laughter.

Nathan For You- Hulu

There hasn’t been a show that has truly made me laugh out loud since The Office until I watched Nathan For You. Nathan For You is about Nathan Fielder, a recent graduate from business school looking to help small businesses in the craziest ways he can think of with the “it’s so crazy it might just work” attempt. Nathan puts on an act for the camera which makes the show ten times funnier; he’s socially awkward, direct and there are some moments we even catch him laughing at himself. If I can suggest one episode to get you hooked, it’s Season 3 Episode 1, Electronics Store.

I Think You Should Leave- Tim Robinson- Netflix

I had never heard of Tim Robinson before, but his special on Netflix was blowing up on Twitter. This had me laughing out loud and questioning where people can think of this kind of stuff. It’s a series of skits, each one funnier than the next and I guarantee you’ll be rolling on the floor.

Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High is an Australian sitcom by the one and only Chris Liley, a comedy god to say the least. In this series, he plays three different roles following the form of a high school documentary. Highly inappropriate and most of the plot made me feel guilty for laughing, but this series is truly one of a kind and unbeatable. If you want to see Chris Liley sing, dance, act and portray a high school drama teacher along with two indescribable students, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Superstore- NBC/Hulu

Like I said before, I’ve been looking for a sitcom like The Office, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, etc. ever since those shows ended. I tried Brooklyn 99, The Mick & countless other shows, but I was never satisfied. I started watching Superstore on Hulu and immediately binged the entire show in a matter of weeks. The show is about a general merchandise retailer store, like Target, and the kind of crazy scenarios they have to encounter every day. Each character on the show is hilariously different and each comes along with their own personality and story. Watch a group of widely different people come together to create the funniest back and forth in the breakroom you’ve ever seen.

The Eric Andre Show- Hulu

The Eric Andre Show is a talk show that truly leaves me speechless. I never know what to expect and I find myself pondering how anyone could come up with any of this while still being considered mentally stable. Half the time, the funniest parts of the show come from the random and unrelated moments and you’re questioning if it even makes sense.  You’ll scream, you’ll laugh and you’ll be left in pure shock. There’s nothing like this show anywhere else on TV.

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