Tight Budget this Holiday Season? Here’s Why DIY Gifts are the Best Gifts

Finding the perfect gift is hard. Being constricted to a tight budget through your search makes the task even harder. Fear not— the personalization DIY gifts allow, bring just as much joy to the holiday season. When imagining a DIY Christmas gift you may picture the infamous macaroni picture frames or silly snowman ornaments you made back in Kindergarten. Scratch those thoughts and do some research, there are really amazing gift ideas for any and everyone. All you need to pull off the perfect gift is some extra time and creativity. 


Gifts for Her

For her, consider this intensely moisturizing body butter as a great gift or stocking stuffer. After all, any woman would be happy to receive a gift that could save her from the horrors of winter skin. This recipe is all-natural too, a huge perk in my eyes. But ...Mom already owns every scent from Bath and Body Works, she doesn’t need another lotion. Don’t worry, there are endless options. Customized wall hangings or wreaths are perfect for the ladies who love a cozy home feeling.


Photo by Kianna Sawicki


DIY Gifts

Considering a person’s likes or hobbies is key to choosing the perfect DIY gift. Here is a photo of a DIY gift I made my dad last holiday season. Considering the very religious man’s love for fishing, I was able to pull off a really cool gift, it may not be perfect but he said was the best he’d ever gotten. Custom guitar picks for my bass playing brother were a success as well. In my eyes, the love and energy put into a gift are priceless. Sure, I could’ve bought my dad any outdoorsman wall hanging or even got him a gift card- but then I would’ve never had to chance to see him react to something so special.


I find that homemade gifts are truly the best. Regardless of whether you are crafty or not- no gift compares to one that brings out the true gratitude in those you love. Pinterest is full of endless fun DIY gifts you just cannot miss out on.  I encourage everyone to find creativity within themselves and to take some time creating something special for someone this holiday season- your effort could never go unnoticed!