Three Romance Novels You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Quarantine had a way of making us do things we haven't done in a while or have never done at all. For some, that may mean finally organizing their closets or getting rid of sedentary junk that had no meaning. Personally, quarantine brought out the reader in me. I was never an avid reader, the only time I would pick up a book was for a school assignment.  You definitely would not catch me at a library browsing through the aisles for a good novel. But now, reading books has become one of my favorite hobbies, especially romance novels. Through the tears, heartbreak, suspense and cliffhangers, these novels have captured my heart and made romance my favorite genre. 


Here are 3 books that will make you fantasize about love:


  1. When it comes to finding a romance novel, Nicholas Sparks is always a safe option. After a tale like The Notebook, how can you doubt his work? Every Breath is another captivating story of unexpected love. Hope Anderson, being in a relationship for over half a decade suddenly begins to feel unsure. When she heads to her family home in North Carolina, she unexpectedly meets Tru Walls, a simple man who entices Hope with his masculinity. While Hope is dealing with her ill father and Tru trying to find his estranged dad, they find themselves unwilling to deny their attraction. However, their totally different ways of life are putting a strain on their relationship. This novel is also a must-read because it is based on the true story of Hope and Tru’s life together.

  2. Buckle up. This novel is all about a rollercoaster ride of love between an innocent college freshman named Tessa and the trouble maker, Hardin. If you’re looking for a book you’ll never want to put down, add this to your cart. For many of us young women in college, this book is relatable as love may be intense, confusing but inevitable in our early adulthood. You’ll see the good, the bad and everything in between when it comes to love. This novel is popular amongst young females but don't be fooled, Todd gets descriptive when it comes to the couple’s private relationship. When you’re done reading, it’ll leave you wanting more. The good news is that it’s a part of a series! Anna Todd’s The After Series includes 7 books of Tessa’s and Hardin’s story starting from their young adult years- talk about an intense love story! Even better, After is now a film available on Netflix.

  3. Get your tissues for this one. Colleen Hoover is always my go-to for romance novels. She tells unimaginable and captivating stories that are easy to read. I'm usually not a crier, but All Your Perfects was one of those novels that had me shedding a tear every few chapters. This raw and powerful story is one I recommend if you’re looking for something a little more mature as Hoover writes about Quinn and Graham’s unexpected love and marriage. When Quinn discovers something life-altering, their whole marriage is left in question as their futures are turned upside down. With every twist and turn, Hoover makes the story unpredictable. Yes, you’ll feel sad, angry, emotional and even question if true love is enough.

Each of these novels are sure to hook you in from beginning to end. These stories explore many aspects of love including the good and the bad. I promise you’ll get attached to these characters and fall in love with the tales each author tells. Find a comfortable, quiet space and dive into these books!