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Thoughts That Ran Through my Head During Season 8 Episode 3 of GOT

Winter is here and so are the white walkers

I have anxiety and it’s only  9:04 pm: ominous sounds, all of the lightheartedness that was present in the first two episodes is now gone


Like wow what the hell is about to happen

Oh hello Melisandre ?!

Oh sick she has the power to light swords on fire booyah

“There’s no need to execute me ser Davos I’ll be dead before the dawn”

For some reason I feel like crying?

Ok so the entire first wave of the Dothraki got destroyed by the ice walkers it seems but not really sure because the flames went out and some horses and knights came running back

Ok yes they’re gone

Wow I’m nauseous don’t know if it’s the soda I just guzzled down or the constant suspense

Tbh the white walkers are essentially zombies and I don’t play that game

Now I have the chills because Khaleesi just rode in on her dragon and wiped out a portion of the people fighting which also means sacrificing some of their men


This is true badassery

It’s so dark during this battle scene thus far that I’m not entirely sure what’s happening and to whom

Sam Tarly almost just died but was of course saved right before he was stabbed in the eye by a white walker (predictable, sigh)

First important character to go: Beric Dondarrion

Wait until everyone realizes that Khaleesi third dragon has gone to the dark side

Happy to see everyone come together to fend themselves off of the white walkers, perhaps this means something on a deeper level….

Arya saved the Hound, d’aww


Yass Melisandre yass burn them all with your witchcraft

“It’s the most heroic thing we can do now, look the truth in the face”

The actors do s great job that it seems like they don’t even know if they’re going to die even after reading the script

Wouldn’t it be cool to be faster as an extra in GOT

Every time Sam is about to die someone swoops in to save him (insert cardi b video how convenient is that)

So far I’m not impressed and were 41 minutes in

Lady Mormont squeezes to death by giant :( but so brave

There is an endless cycle of the hound and Arya looking out for each other

Arek dundaryn is dead

Fire and the Dracarys command won’t kill the ice king and he revives all of the fallen knights that were fighting on wintertelle behalf how could I have not seen that one coming?

Ahhhh the more people that die the more ice walkers there will be!

Literally every single time an important person is about to die someone comes in to save them like it’s so predictable, does anyone else feel this way? Anyone at all?

The night king has come face to face with with bran but he had to kill Theon first, boo

The seven season build up to this battle for the night king to be killed so easily is supremely disappointing but is he actually dead? IDK \

Ser Jorah!!!! No, no, no, no!

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