These Apps Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

Most people nowadays, especially millennials, rely on their cell phones to do simple, daily tasks. It’s like our phones have become a part of our bodies: without our phones, we can barely function. And with our phones, comes our apps. There are so many helpful apps available that can increase your productivity and simply improve your life. But where do you start? Here are 7 apps that you should download to make your life SO much easier!



Sunshine is not your typical weather app. It greets you by name each and every morning with a personalized weather report. Your morning digest sums up what it will feel like outside and it even tells you if you should bring an umbrella or wear layers. You can customize the app by training it to how you feel in specific temperatures. It will then know if you’re going to feel hot, cold or anything else in-between. With just a quick glance at your phone, you can not only check the weather, but you can figure out what clothes you should wear!

You can download Sunshine here.



theSkimm app gives you an informative, yet witty, 5-minute briefing of the most important news every morning. It lets you start your morning with laughter and it gives you something to talk about. It started out as just an email newsletter, but now they have an app too! It’s the easiest way to stay up-to-date with current events.

You can download theSkimm here. (P.S. If you opt in for the paid subscription service, Skimm Ahead, your phone’s calendar gets blessed with events, like when concert tickets go on sale or when you should start making Memorial Day Weekend plans.)


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

We all love food. This app makes it possible for us to keep track of how much we eat and exercise, so that we don’t forget that we ate cake for breakfast and skipped the gym last night. It tells you how many calories you should eat per day to reach your personal fitness goal and it’s a super quick and convenient way to log your activity and meals right on your phone. MyFitnessPal makes it so much easier to lose those few extra pounds and stay in shape!

You can download MyFitnessPal here.


Sleep Cycle

Do you have trouble waking up to your phone’s alarm going off in the morning? Are you constantly rushing to make it on time to work or class because you sleep through every alarm? Then the Sleep Cycle app was made for you! It gently wakes you up within a 30 minute timeframe of your alarm when you’re in the lightest sleep. Pro tip: keep your phone charging all night and set a backup alarm.

You can download Sleep Cycle here.



With the rising popularity of so many new restaurants and crazy food trends, we all have become self-proclaimed foodies. This app allows us to embrace our inner chef with thousands of recipes, even for those with limited cooking skills. Besides being able to set the difficulty, you can also select dietary preferences and restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free!. You also log your favorite kinds of foods so the app can then collect all the recipes it thinks you would like. The ingredient lists and step-by-step directions are super easy to follow and will have you making home-cooked meals in no time!

You can download Yummly here.



Wunderlist is THE ULTIMATE to-do list. You can create folders, tasks and subtasks. The app will even send you reminders and notifications when you specify a time and date. It is the perfect app for keeping track of everything from shopping lists to homework. Make a folder for all of your homework, then have a list for every class you take. When you get a homework assignment, add it to the list with the due date and there you have it: your personal backup reminder!

You can download Wunderlist here.



We’re not all math geniuses and sometimes, we need all the extra help we can get. Mathway is an app that can solve any type of math problem. It gives you a step-by-step solution, so that way you can learn how to solve the problem too! One of the most interesting features is the ability to take a picture of the problem you’re trying to solve, instead of typing it in manually. This app is the math tutor that you can bring with you everywhere!

You can download Mathway here.

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