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I could not know less about football, however, the Super Bowl has always been fun for me to watch. I love the touchdowns and the cheering…who am I kidding? I just love watching the commercials. I enjoy seeing what brands put out each year and the new, catchy ways they grab the audience’s attention.

This year, I decided to rank them. Here are my top five:

  1. BMW: Zeus and Hera

This commercial was hands down my favorite. This commercial stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as Zues and Hera who announce their retirement. We then see them living in a typical suburban house using their not so typical powers to do things like charge hedge clippers and golf carts. By far, the best part is the little pegasus called “peggy.” The commercial ends when Zues burns out the whole city’s electricity and his wife surprises him with the new all electric BMW. I love Greek mythology so watching these characters in everyday life was hilarious to me, and I really enjoyed it.

  1. Hellmann’s: Mayo Tackles Food Waste

This commercial may be Kanye West’s favorite, but for me it came in second place. It stars former Patriots Linebacker, Jerod Mayo, as he quite literally tackles food waste. We see a number of people going to throw out whatever scraps of food they have left when Mayo swoops in and tackles them. In the end, Pete Davidson stops Mayo from tackling his mom because she already “tackled food waste.” Mayo goes to walk away but runs back and tackles Davidson just for fun. This one definitely got the most laughs from the party.

  1. KIA: Robo Dog

I don’t know what it was about this year’s Super Bowl, but the electric car commercials were hitting differently. This one starts with a little robot dog sadly watching all of the real dogs get attention from their owners. The robo dog thinks that it will never have an owner until it sees a man unplug and drive away in a fully electric car. The dog chases the car and even risks its life just to be with him. In the end, the dog and the owner connect, and they both drive off into the distance. This commercial was so cute, I could not look away.

  1. Amazon: Mind Reader

This one had me cracking up. It stars Scarlett Johansson and her husband, Colin Jost. They prepare for the big game and think about what life would be like if Amazon’s Alexa could read our minds. They then show clips of situations in which the mind reading makes everything awkward and totally destructive. In one part, Johansson is practicing for a show when she tells her husband the date and Alexa shouts that she will “be sure to remind him to fake his own death that day.” Things escalate and the scene jumps back to the beginning where they decide it is probably better that Alexa can not read our minds. This commercial was super cute and super funny.

  1. Lay’s: Golden Memories

Okay, with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, you already knew this was going to be a good one. It starts with Rudd asking Rogen if he is nervous for his wedding. They calm his nerves by sharing their favorite memories over a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Everything about this commercial was golden to me, except when Rogen marries the Zombie lady at the end. Other than that, I absolutely loved this one.

Thanks for reading my top five Super Bowl commercials from this year. I hope you enjoyed.

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