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The Thanksgiving Episode Guide: What to Watch After the Parade

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

It’s Thanksgiving time yet again. A time in the U.S. when you gather with loved ones, enjoy a feast and celebrate together. A tradition for many during this American holiday is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Turkey Day Game or even the National Dog Show. So while waiting for the Turkey to cook and the game to start, here is a list of two shows’ iconic Thanksgiving episodes to watch.

Bob’s Burgers

If you’re looking for a show to watch with your family, preferably with older kids, look no further than Bob’s Burgers. Watch as the Belcher Family gets into crazy situations on Bob’s favorite holiday. From escaping a pack of wild birds to rescuing a turkey from a slaughterhouse, this little burger-making-family will sure be an entertaining watch.

Thanksgiving Episodes:

  • S3, Ep 5
  • S4, Ep 5
  • S5, Ep 4
  • S6, Ep 4
  • S7, Ep 6
  • S8, Ep 5
  • S9, Ep 7
  • S10, Ep 8
  • S11, Ep 7


If you’re into the classics, then you’ll love this beloved 90’s sitcom. The Friends group always knows how to make the Thanksgiving holiday more fun. With Monica trying to make the perfect dinner, the gang always knows how to drive her crazy and form an insane Thanksgiving dinner. You’re guaranteed to have a fun time.

Thanksgiving Episodes:

  • S1, “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”
  • S3, “The One With the Football”
  • S4, “The One With Chandler in a Box”
  • S5, “The One With All the Thanksgivings”
  • S6, “The One Where Ross Got High”
  • S7, “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”
  • S8, “The One With the Rumor” 
  • S9, “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister”
  • S10, “The One With the Late Thanksgiving”

Hopefully these episodes will get you into the holiday season!

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