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layered outfit 1
layered outfit 1
Arieliz Ramos

The Secret To Layering For Winter

Winter means it’s time to layer up. But of course you HAVE to look good while doing it! As the cold, bitter days begin to approach us, layering can keep you both warm and stylish. I understand the fear that wearing too many layers may make us look bulky or just simply uncomfortable, but with these tips and recommendations, you’ll still be able to keep warm without all the hassle.

BASICS ARE always your friend

The first secret to layering is making sure you have basic pieces in your wardrobe that can be used for more than just one outfit. Some of these pieces can include a light turtleneck, a sweater vest, a plain, buttoned up shirt and a crew neck/hooded sweater. While they’re perfect for staying warm, they will also allow you to not feel as constricted because they’re lightweight and moveable.


The word layering can sound a bit scary, and I’m sure anyone’s initial thought would be that you need to wear a million things to be warm, but that’s not the case! Less is sometimes better, and when it comes to layering, IT IS. You can wear minimal pieces but still be able to have a layered look that’ll keep you warm. So make sure not to over do it.


Doubling up on jackets is a MUST when it comes to layering! Different textured jackets will add some style and dimension to your layered look. You can wear a leather jacket under a fuzzy sherpa or you could do an oversized blazer under a longer jacket. The possibilities are endless and so is the warmth you’ll get from doubling up! The good thing about doubling up on your outerwear is that what you’re wearing underneath won’t need to be as heavy or excessive.

Hopefully these secrets can help you find the perfect way to layer up this winter! But the most important secret is to ALWAYS feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Something doesn’t work for you? Alter it. Find what is best for you. And with that, stay warm, my friends.

Arieliz Ramos

Montclair '23

Hi everyone! I'm Arieliz and I'm a Junior at Montclair State University. Fashion & Beauty enthusiast. Harry Styles lover. Coffee Addict.
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