Thank You Freshman Year

Dear Freshman Year, 

In a blink of an eye, you are officially coming to an end. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was binge-watching college vlogs, deciding which school to go to, and trying to survive senioritis. I would daydream many imaginations of how you were going to be and in my journal, I would write down my hopes for you. Little did I know, that you had a plan to take me on the beginning of a beautiful, new journey. 

For the first time in my life, I experienced the gift of freedom in a couple ways. One being I got to navigate life through my own lenses and be my own boss by making my own decisions. But you also gave me the freedom to let go. Exhale my past and negativity and inhale the present and positivity.

You also taught me that if I try really hard, I can see the simple moments in my daily routine as special. I would ease into my mornings by watching the pretty sunrise on my first train and stop for a bagel at NY Penn Station before running to catch my next train. I found it fascinating to sit in classes for 1.5 hours, soak in each lesson, and learn something new. In between classes I felt inspired as I saw the view of the NY skyline in the SCM building as I wrote in my journal. Through these simple moments, I learned that life is about enjoying things while they are happening, not always waiting for good moments to come. As I continue to learn that, even on my bad days, I can remember a moment of positivity. 

Lastly, you taught me the importance of living for myself. I used to try to play things safe or be worried about what people thought of me. But then you taught me when it comes to my life, the only opinion that matters is my own. After that discovery, it became a little easier to talk to a new person or go after an opportunity that brings me one step closer to my goals. No more will I hide behind the clouds when the sun is out wanting me to shine. Embracing the uncomfortable has pushed me to live a more authentic, loving life. As I continue onto the next parts of my journey, I will always be grateful for the lessons you taught me. 

Love always, 

A Thankful Freshman