A Taurus' Perfect Birthday

Welcome to Taurus season! As a Taurus myself, my birthday is definitely on my mind. This year will be a little different than normal with everyone social distancing but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the way you normally would when all of this is over!

  1. 1. Dress up for the occasion.

    It’s no secret that Taurus’s like to dress up. We tend to be fans of materialistic things so we’ll take every excuse we get to show off our cute clothes and accessories. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a dress since a Taurus’ style can vary, but this does mean to take advantage of the chance to wear something a little nicer than you would on a normal basis.

  2. 2. Have a nice dinner with friends.

    If you’re a Taurus, you probably love food. I know that sounds like a pretty common trait no matter what your sign is but Taurus’s are known for it. So why not go to a nice restaurant for your birthday? You might get special treatment. Or you can order in if going out isn’t an option. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by one of your favorite things, food. 

  3. 3. Go on a nice vacation.

    Taurus’s love to travel and a birthday is the perfect excuse to go on a trip. If you want to be with a lot of people, this probably isn’t the best idea but if you have one or two people in mind then this would be fun. Whatever kind of trip you would like can be fun, whether that be international or just a few hours away. It’s your birthday so it’s what you want to do. Just make sure to plan everything out or you’ll probably be more stressed than having fun.

  4. 4. Have a movie night.

    Another one of Taurus’ famous traits is laziness, and picking out an outfit or planning somewhere to go can be more than you want to do. If this relates to you, then a perfect solution would be to have a comfy movie night. You can be in sweatpants with your friends and have all the snacks you want while watching your favorite movies. Not a lot of planning necessary but a lot of fun included. Just don’t forget the birthday cake!

  5. 5. Have an online birthday party.

    I know a lot of us weren’t expecting to be in the house all day for our birthdays, but you can still make the best of this. Just like how you can have a movie night with your friends on a normal birthday, you can also do that now! Everyone can go on a Zoom or Netflix party and watch a movie together and eat your favorite snacks. If you don’t want to watch a movie, you can still talk to your friends on Zoom all day and come up with some fun games to play through the screen. You can also still dress up and have a photoshoot around your house and in your yard. Try to get a family member to help you or use a self-timer! Don’t let this quarantine stop you from celebrating!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Taurus’s. This is the one day a year where the day is about you so make sure you celebrate the way you want to. And however you choose to celebrate, I hope you have fun and enjoy the day.