Talking From Experience: I Let Myself Go

Now we all know the myth of college being the season in our lives where our appearances make drastic changes. For me, it was rapid weight gain, lack of interest in getting cute every day, and getting too comfortable. Previously being someone who was a size 0 to now size 9, wearing lipstick and ankle boots to now sweatpants and vaseline… something had to be done. I needed a serious reality check and needed to get my sh*t together. Find out how I’m working on getting myself back on track and rebuilding my confidence.


Adjust to Your New Size

Part of my reality check was figuring out what works for my new size. I’m no longer able to wear those cropped crew-necks and feel confident like I used to or wear super tight dresses, so I made some tweaks. Looking up the latest style lookbooks on YouTube every week has helped me find more size fitting looks that are stylish and trendy. TheChicNatural on YouTube is one of my main style inspirations offering me stylish looks without having to feel uncomfortable for the entire day. There’s no need to feel discouraged when you’re no longer the same size as before. Find ways to make yourself feel cute and boost your confidence. 


Get Up and Get Cute

One of the main parts of letting myself go was noticing how lazy I became when it was time to get ready. Not to say you have to pull out your best fit every day, but reverting back to sweatpants and old hoodies every day wasn’t the best look. So, I used social media platforms as my way of getting inspiration every morning. The daily Instagram scroll when I woke up gave me inspiration and forced me to come up with a cute style before getting ready. One of my favorite Instagram stylists to follow is Koleen Diaz. If you’re someone like me who works full-time and goes to school full-time, her comfy-chic style is perfect for you. 

I needed a reality check to get myself out of that funk. I felt discouraged because of my new weight gain which led to getting too comfortable with dressing bummy. I’m no longer okay with letting myself go because all it does is bring my confidence down. Take the necessary steps to make yourself feel cute again and stop letting yourself go.