Switch Up Your Pampering Routines This Fall

Transitioning your self-care routines to fit the new season is all about planning smart and knowing a few other tips. With October here, it’s official - Fall has finally arrived! Read on to see how you can improve your routines and get ready for those brisk fall winds.


Skincare Routine

Let’s talk about daytime moisturizers! Oily/combo skin types can still have a moisturizer that doesn’t make them oily and break out - here are a few options that keep your skin nourished and hydrated as we transition into the colder months.

 DEWYTREE’s Emulsion (a lightweight moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and shea butter) and Benton’s Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel work well with oily/combination skin types. Both of these products have lightweight textures and formulas, particularly gel formulas which seep into the skin and don’t sit on top of your skin. 

A universal moisturizer that is known to work on all skin types is CeraVe Moisturizer tub. As someone with combination skin, this is a product I’ve been using for the past year throughout each season and makes my skin glowy and hydrated when I use it in combination with my sunscreen!


Hair Care

I didn’t think I’d ever talk about a hair care routine since we all have different hair types, but I have a quick tip for my straight/wavy hair girls! The biggest struggle I have during the fall/winter is staticy hair. Switching out your plastic combs for metal combs can drastically change the appearance of your hair, and make it look smooth even after wearing beanies all day.

Of course putting hairspray on your hairbrush for your hair can help out too, but then you’d run out of hairspray every 3 weeks. Ever since I switched my hair brushes, I noticed that my hair texture felt as smooth as it did in the summer. Try it out and see if it helps you!


Having a glow to your face is always great and seems to be the way a lot of our makeup looks turn out the best. I’ve tried out spot-baking; this means to concentrate loose powder for my T-zone (or in any place you tend to get oily). This helps out a lot to make the skin feel lighter - compared to that ‘heavy’ feeling I’d feel if I baked a large portion of my face. 

I recommend using fewer powder products and using more cream and gel products, like those from Glossier and Milk Makeup. Both makeup brands are known to promote  a ‘Natural Beauty’ look to their customers, and it’s because their creamy products give you a “glow from within." Personal favorites of mine are: Cloud Paints from Glossier and the Flex Concealer from Milk Makeup. Trying out new and refreshing looks can help to keep your summer glow during the fall and winter!