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Sweater Weather and Everything Better

In the midst of the fall semester there are only so many trends us girls can keep up with and being basic is so not an option. This year has been a year full of trends, with everything from the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge and the 90’s revival to bleached brows and waist trainers, fall is now the time to find some hot new trends that aren’t so, how do you put it . . . drastic. But besides looking trendy, we want you to have fun this fall so be sure mark up your calendars with some of the awesome events we have listed for you below! Check out some our reasons on why sweater weather really is the best time of the year. 


Have you seen girls walking around campus with floppy hats yet? This fall, hats and hair accessories have been super popular. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit! Bad hair day? No problem; put on a floppy hat and your good to go. These hats can be found in any boutique and mall. Prices can range from super cheap to super expensive so here’s a quick tip: save the cash and opt for one on the lower end of the price range; don’t sacrifce quality completely but ask yourself, “Does this $25 hat from H&M really look any different than the $65 one from Urban Outfitters?” Probably not. Ranging in colors from black, to brown, to auburn, to olive green, these hats paired with sweater dresses, jeans or  leggings can take your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick!  

It is a fact that when fall hits, pumpkin spice lattes (affectionately known as PSL’s) are many girls’ favorite accesssory, so it would only make sense to have the perfect fall manicure, right? With girls flocking to local barista shops make sure your hands are looking fabulous with deep burgundy’s, navy’s, neutrals and a classic French manicure. 

Fur vests have been trending for the past year, yet this a trend that seems to never go out of style. Whether they are real mink or faux fur, you can put these vests over just about any outfit and look like a city fashionista. If you feel as though laying your hair on top of the vest looks too busy, pair the vest with a messy bun for a simple, classically chic look. And if you’re feeling edgy enough, earring cuffs can put your outfit over the top for an even hotter look!

Luckily, we are blessed with Upper Montclair and Church street to help us on our quest for fashion glory; we basically have a mini-NYC right here! One of the newer shops in town is Wakefield and York, a contemporary women’s boutique located at 50 Upper Montclair Plaza. Shop here to try our some of these latest trends and show off your style this fall around campus! 


Planning a fun fall date night? Whether it’s with your significant other or your best friends, fall is one of the best times of the year to plan something special. Apple picking, hayrides, haunted houses and fall brunches are just some of the many things that make fall special and with fun places like NYC and Hoboken right in our backyard, make sure you check out what they have to offer too! 

Are you known for your creative costumes? Check out the Ragamuffin Parade in Hoboken, NJ! Starting Halloween day at 1 PM, line up ahead of time on Washington street in your best costume (and with your little ragamuffins!) to be a part of the parade filled with beautiful floats and live music. After the parade, head over to The Little League Field (5th Street & River Terrace) to enter their annual costume contest where you and your little ones can win some awesome prizes!

Looking for something to really chill your bones this fall? NYC is home some of the scariest haunted houses! From Blood Manor to the Headless Horseman haunted house and hayride, NYC is filled with all the creepy, eerie, oh-so-scary attractions that are perfect for a great night out with friends and family. 

Check out Haunt World for information on more Halloween attractions in the NY/NJ area! 

With so many things to do and so many trendy new styles to try out, make this your best fall semester yet!

Happy Fall everyone! 

May your inner basic-ness hide beneath your floppy hats.

Journalism Major at Montclair State University, Carrie Bradshaw wanna be ~ & proud supporter of messy buns and over sized sweaters.
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