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Supporting the Black Community: 5 Must-See Black-Owned Businesses

During the past few months, many things have changed in our world and society as a whole. With that said, one thing that has been more talked about in recent months; more now than ever before is the rise of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. However, we are also still fighting a pandemic and not everyone is able to attend protests. Looking for ways of supporting the black community from home? You're in luck! 

After tons of research; I curated a list of 5 must-see black-owned businesses for you all ranging from clothes to makeup! But, don't stop supporting after just this list! There are so many amazing brands to look into to continue supporting the black community. 


Eating milk and cookies is now a thing of the past! Sheamakery is a woman-owned brand, created by Sarah Ann. Determined to find a solution to her skin problems; Sheamakery was born in 2014. But, these are not your average skincare products. All of the items at Sheamakery are created to look and smell like something from a bakery. Like fresh baked cookies! That's right, those cookies are not a treat for eating. They are a treat for your skin. All of the items at Sheamakery are also super affordable with some items as low as $3.00 (USD). Find your next yummy purchase at https://sheamakery.com/.

Polymer Studios

If streetwear is your style, I have you covered. Polymer Studios is an up and coming unisex fashion, streetwear brand. Created by PRXNCE, with a vision is to combine technology, art, and design. Currently featuring hoodies and T-shirts for you or any man in your life. Find a new graphic t-shirt to add to your collection at https://polymer-studios.com/collections/all.

Kai Collective

Stuck inside, but looking for a brand to make your grand debut to the outside world in? Or if you're like me, an outfit to post for Instagram. Then Kai Collective is a must-see! Focusing on female confidence in clothing through luxurious fabrics at affordable prices. Kai Collective is the perfect place to shop going into the fall months. With their edgy patterns and luxurious designs, this is definitely a brand that will continue to grow in the years to come. To look and feel as confident as the one woman shown, go to https://kaicollective.com/.

kitten Co Jewelry

Right now with the rise of loungewear; jewelry sales are also rising. Here's a great store to shop from when needing to accessorize your loungewear for a casual night in. Or even to impress your classmates on zoom! Kitten Co Jewelry is a female-owned business right here on the east coast. All items are fit for sensitive skin and are water safe. If you think reading about them sounds great, reading about these items does them no justice. Check out just how beautiful each item is for yourself at https://kittencojewelry.com/. You will thank me later!

Nuban Beauty

With lipsticks being put on the sidelines for many during quarantine; Nuban Beauty has you covered. Nuban Beauty is a Nigeria owned and created brand; founded by Stella Ndekile. Nuban Beauty has many amazing products from foundations to concealers. Who said glowing skin was only for the summertime? Glowing, healthy-looking skin is still a must! A Nuban Beauty product I recently purchased and cannot wait to try for myself is their “D’GLOW LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER”. With a retail cost of only 11.99 on their website https://nubanbeauty.com/. Their products are a must for any makeup lover.

Angelisa is a fourth-year fashion studies student at Montclair State University. Also, a founding member of the Theta Phi Alpha sorority; Delta Lambda chapter. When She is not writing or sewing; you can find her researching the latest fashion trends, and keeping up with the latest in pop culture. All while educating herself and others on new skills and topics; with an iced coffee in hand of course.
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