Super Trendy $5 Sunglasses That Everyone Needs

Personally, I love sunglasses to top off a cute outfit. Sometimes it can even be a simple one and some statement frames can really work up an entire look. Ever since mini frames made a comeback, I’ve been obsessed.

I love abstract shapes celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have been wearing! So when I heard about Sunglasses Spot, a website where nearly all the sunnies are just $5 and look exactly like the ones all of the trendy Instagram girls are wearing, I was just as excited as you are about to be! I mean why not go back to campus stylish with some cute cat eye or rimless sunnies for just five dollars?

This website has yet to let me down. It is a reliable website, with good quality sunnies, for super cheap! It’s been a year since I first bought a pair and they are still intact.

My favorite style of glasses is something dramatic, with a pop of color, but they have to be small because of my small eyes and features. High tip, heart eye sunglasses go perfectly with any outfit that needs a pop of fun. I actually own them and my favorite thing to wear them with is red lipstick! They look best with softer looks and were perfect when my extra self decided to wear them around campus with a turtleneck for Valentine’s day!

Another style that I am totally obsessed with are super sleek, pointed cat-eye frames. These are perfect when you need to add a little more drama to your look but with no fuss.The color lens makes it so much better too and well, at this point I feel like I need these. I actually have very similar ones in white and pink and paid maybe five times what these are. I'm only slightly salty about it.

This website will also accommodate to your style needs and that is why it is so great. From one fashionista to another, these sunglasses are five dollars well spent!