Summer Glow Ready

With the warm weather approaching it’s time to pick up some summer beauty tips. It’s never too early to get your hair, nails and skin ready for the warm weather. Transitioning into the spring and summer months our skin can need some assistance adapting to the higher temps, our hair can use some lighter products and our nails can use some color. Here are a few of my tips for getting summer glow ready. 

Styling Your Hair For The Summer

Now our hair doesn’t always adjust well to the products used from November til February. For most of us, our hair produces more oils during these warmer months and doesn’t require much to remain maintained. The winter products can be overly moisturizing and weigh your hair down. A quick fix to that is finding lightweight products that keep your strands moisturized but still flowing in the wind. Here are a few of my summertime hair products:

Refresher Spray:

One of my all-time favorite hair refreshers to use when my summer styles could use a little pick me up is Dark and Lovely Hair Refresher. It’s a light hair spray infused with Aloe that doesn’t encourage build-up. I sometimes even use it as a dry shampoo for protective styles like braids.

Hair Oil:

When I’m looking to moisturize or tame my frizzy curls I love using Argan oil. It does the job without making my curls feel like a greasy mess. In my book, a little goes a long way!

Giving Your Nails A Summer Vibe

We all love when our nails spice up our look, so let’s get them summer ready too. Whether you do your nails yourself or you like to get your nails professionally done, there’s a nail color for you. Before you get ready to do your nails go through Pinterest or Instagram to get some inspiration. It saves you a lot less time picking a color once you already have a vision in mind. 

I find it helpful to be inspired by the colors I find outside. I love looking at flowers around the park or in a garden to get color ideas. Try going to your favorite spot in the summer and getting your nail color from there!

Show Your Skin Some Love

Don’t deny it, showing off your summer outfits is a lot more fun when your skin is glowing. This is the perfect time of year to try out body oils and shimmers to accentuate your skin. Here are a few of my go to’s:

When I’m looking to be a bit extra I love using the Body Lava Luminizer. It adds just enough shimmer without being annoyingly glittery and adds the perfect amount of moisture.

On the days where I just want a slight glow, I’ll use Crystal Bronze Shimmering Body Oil. It serves more as a body oil than a shimmer so it’s ideal for everyday wear. 

There’s always a perfect set of products that work best for everyone, so try out some things, and find the ones for you. Hopefully, these tips will help you with your search and get your summer glow ready!