Stop Saying Sorry

We are already plowing through 2019 pretty quickly. In the beginning of the year, you can hear people from all over saying “This is the year I ____”. I have especially heard, “Ladies 2019 is the year we know our worth!” This is great energy, but I feel like it doesn’t stick with as many girls and women as it should.

Throughout the years and even today, women are underestimated, talked over, belittled and pressured whether it’s in the classroom, at a workplace, or at home. There is a terrible trend that many women follow and that is: constantly saying sorry. If you are too tired to stay up for a movie, apologize to your partner that you can’t stay up with them like you said you would. Want seconds for dinner? Say sorry that you’re eating too much. If you aren’t ready for a relationship say sorry that you wasted their time.

Essentially, saying sorry is a way for people to save themselves from some sort of ridicule. The thing is, you shouldn’t be saying sorry for something you need or something you want.. Putting yourself and your feelings first is the first step to knowing your worth. Slowly and subtly, little “sorry’s” are woven in our everyday lives and engraved in our understanding of language.     

But if saying “sorry” is just one little word, quickly said without much thought, how does it affect the way we grow and develop? If we continue to think of our needs, our feelings and our existence as a burden to others, we will continue to live this way. The way you treat yourself is very important and if you are constantly putting yourself down and invalidating yourself with constant “sorry’s,” you will never truly give yourself a break.

This is a small change that makes a big difference. Stop saying sorry for what you need and want!