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When people think of spring break, most people think of traveling out of the country, beaches (mostly Florida), underage drinking, etc. Spring break can be one of the most expensive times of the year for those who go on vacation, to the point where flights are booked months in advance. For this spring break, I want to end the stigma of spending spring break in your hometown, doing absolutely nothing!

For this year’s spring break, I did go away, but not on a tropical vacation. I went to North Carolina where I hung out with my dad’s family whom I rarely see. When most people were out holding White Claws on the beach, I was holding cow feed on multiple acres of land. What people don’t see is that I actually had an amazing time; there was not a care in the world. That’s the whole point of spring break, spending a week stress/carefree away from all responsibilities we have. There is no criteria for how you use your free time. I feel like most young college students don’t think about that and focus on being negative on themselves. 

What I want to encourage people to do with this article is to use your spring break to the best  of your advantage. Spring break tends to come after midterms and before finals when the semester is over. The only thing that should be important to you is resting up for the home stretch of the school year. 

Here are some fun, relaxing activities that you can do while being home for your spring break:

  1. Go for a walk/hike. Going for walks outdoors could help lessen stress, could give you natural vitamin D for your skin and also can help maintain weight. Walking can be fun on a warm afternoon with music playing through your headphones, talking to a friend or spending time with your animals who you walk with. 
  1. Another fun activity you can do while being home is catching up or rewatching a favorite movie or TV show. Rewatching films and shows can restore my energy, so I recommend you try doing this too! There’s something about watching a Disney classic or reruns of “Friends” that adds a spark of joy inside and all stress has temporarily left my body. I always tend to have this drive toward comforting narratives, in which old shows would be included in this category. 
  1. The last thing you can try out during your spring break is creating your spa day routine. I’m talking the full nine yards with sliced cucumber for your eyes, lavender bath salts and ice rollers as a starting point. Spa days are often known to reduce stress, enhance clearer skin and a form of meditation. With splurging on a relaxing self-care day, you can enjoy the cool sheet of a facemask on your skin and a nice glass of Rosé in your hand. 

There are so many benefits for when I have a spa day, so why not especially take the time to have one while on spring break. Isn’t that the whole point of spring break anyway?

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Madison Hentze

Montclair '25

Madison is a junior, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at Montclair State University. She enjoys walks with her dogs, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with her loved ones. Her goal with her articles is to entertain readers and be the best writer she can be.