Spring Cleaning: How To Organize Your Closet Efficiently

It’s time to declutter and get rid of all those old pieces you’re not even going to look at this season. There are many ways to put your old clothes to good use; like donating, selling or creating DIY pieces! Here are various ways to have your closet looking organized and ready for the warmth approaching.

  1. 1. Start Off by Taking EVERYTHING Out

    Remove everything you have; whatever season it is, everything needs to be redone! Start separating into piles: What you know you’ll wear, what you think has potential and what you know for sure you’ll never touch again. For the things that have potential, see if you can find any items that would match with it or how you would be able to restyle it. For those that you won't touch ever again, see if you can find it a new home! Donating to Thrift/Goodwill stores, giving it away to friends/family or starting a selling account such as Depop or Poshmark!

  2. 2. Turning Pieces Into DIY Projects

    Remember all of those super cute videos on YouTube that you would find of DIY pieces? You can remake your old t-shirt into different things whether it's a new cropped one or a headband, literally anything! For those items that have potential, turn it into something fun and new rather than just giving it away. I definitely recommend checking andreaschoice on YouTube, she has amazing clothing hacks that are super easy and does not require sewing! 

  3. 3. Getting Into the Spring Spirit

    Now that you've got a bunch of cute clothes that you know you're going to wear for the spring, start organizing what you have efficiently! Start off by separating materials like chiffon silk and most worn pieces aside. These items should be hung for easy accessibility and a no-wrinkle look! By having these pieces hung, they’ll be easier to find when you’re in a rush. For those super cute but crazy wrinkly blouses, have those ready and hung as well to avoid wasting time and ironing!

Sometimes organizing your closet all over again can be tedious, but with the right steps, it can be fun and easy to handle. I hope these tips help you this upcoming season, Happy Spring!