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Shop Until You Drop: 5 Stores You Need to Visit While in the U.K.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Since moving to the U.K. I have become even more of a shopaholic than I’d already been. What is the main reason, you ask? It is all the new stores to shop in that we either don’t have or are quite rare in the U.S. Here are five stores you need to visit on your next trip to the U.K., and why they’re so amazing! 


First on my list – Primark! This store has everything from clothing to shoes to home goods and it is all incredibly cheap. As a student, being broke is basically the perpetual state of affairs, so this store is heaven. Shopping here is proof that you can absolutely be stylish on a budget! 

Flying Tiger

This has to be the coolest store I have EVER been in. Flying Tiger is a global Danish design store that carries things like art and school supplies, kitchenware, toys, party needs, snacks and tons of other interesting things like tiny shopping carts and excavation kits. Of all the times I have walked into Tiger, there hasn’t been one that I haven’t walked out with something new. It’s also worth mentioning that this is another very affordable store, but the products are still great quality!  ​​​​​

Marks & Spencer

This was a very interesting find for me because it was the first time I had ever encountered a supermarket that also had a clothing line and home goods that it sold in the same store. It was not like Wal-Mart or Target either because these goods and clothing (as well as the groceries) are on the higher end, great quality, and pretty expensive. I can’t say I’ve been food shopping here because of the prices, but it is a very cool shop to walk around in and grab a few smaller things when you need them! 


Now when it comes to Argos, they definitely take the cake for the most unique shopping experience. When you walk into this store, the walls are lined with computer screens and giant catalogs that you can look through. In these catalogs, there are dozens of categories with all different kinds of products. From hair dryers to gadgets to jewelry, toys, and furniture – you name it and it’s in that book! The strangest thing, though, is that none of those listed products are out on display in this store. Instead, if you are interested in an item you have to check on the PC to see if it is in stock and if it is, then you can request to look at it or purchase it if you already know that it’s what you want. It is sort of like online shopping with free and immediate delivery! Cool huh? 

Harper & Lewis

Last but not least, a hipster’s heaven, Harper & Lewis! This store has all the feels that a thrift store does but with class and style. They carry vintage and recycled clothing that is super stylish and on trend. If you want that loud 80s/90s button-up t-shirt, you know where to look next time you’re in the U.K!    


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