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Red Hawk Fashion: 10 Ladies Killing It On Campus

Take a walk around campus and you’ll find all kinds of people with their own unique styles and tastes. Here are ten girls I saw absolutely killing the fashion scene because not only did their ensembles catch my eye, but their confidence shone even more! Thank you again to all the girls who allowed me to include them in this article who all exuded what Taylor Swift means when she says, “We never go out of style.”

Name: Alex

Grade: Freshman

Wearing: Shoes from Mandees, jeans and sweater from H&M, and a jacket from Old Navy.

How She Put it Together: “It was cold when I left and I decided maybe I’ll be cute today. That’s pretty much it . . . I love sweaters and I love mustard for the fall season so I was just trying to get a lot of that today.”

Personal Style: “I feel like my style is really eclectic. I like black. If you look at my closet it’s pretty much black and white. I love like, simple and classic. My goal is Sex and the City at Montclair. Carrie Bradshaw all day everyday.”

Style Icon: “Right now, as much as I hate her, I love Kylie Jenner clothing wise. All her other decisions I don’t agree with, but I love her clothing. She made me want to dye my hair blue, I have to admit it.”

Name: Claudine

Grade: Senior

Major: Public Health

Wearing: Bold purple flats, trench coat, grey infinity scarf, green pencil skirt, and a blazer all from H&M, Forever 21 and her sister’s closet.

How She Put it Together: “Since my schedule is ridiculous this year, I try to pick out my outfit the night before. Basically, I just lay it out and go through my clothes. Today I had a preconception health training, peer educating training from 8-3 so that’s why I’m dressed more professional.”

Style Icons: Janelle Monet, Solange Knowles, and herself.

Her Style: “It’s definitely based off my schedule. During high school I went through a phase on definitely dressing outside the box so whatever someone had I kind of didn’t want. Going into senior year, now I’m part of different organizations so I differentiate it from lazy day to dress up day. But, lazy day still ends up kinda cute, like, I don’t let it all fall off. So like, kinda chic.”

Closet Essentials: Scarves, purses, shoes, jackets, heels

Name: Victoria

Grade: Junior

Major: Fashion Studies

Wearing: “This top I got from Urban Outfitters. When I saw it online I had to have it even though it was more than I would normally pay for a sweater. My purse is from the Coach outlet. It was a great deal…I’m always looking for deals. The skirt was a hand-me-down; it’s a circle skirt made out of denim but it’s from Forever 21 from a while ago. The socks are also from Urban Outfitters. The shoes were from ShoeMint. It was a great deal because it was in this 2 for $40 sale so I really had to snatch them up. I’m really picky with shoes so I was really happy about these.”

How She Put it Together: “Originally I had a jacket on but you didn’t see that. I was looking at the weather and thought that since I don’t really like the winter here since it’s so cold, I thought that this is one of those days where I could still get away with wearing a skirt and thigh highs which is kind of my signature look now. Then I thought that I might as well wear my favorite sweater!”

Style: “I think it’s more of boho feminine. I always wear things like floral and lace and crochet and anything that’s girly.”

Style Icon: “I would like to say that back when I was younger it would be Zoey from Zoey 101, and then it was Hilary Duff and now it’s more of Ariana Grande, but I don’t really look to her for inspiration, I just really admire her style. She actually encouraged me to be more adventurous with doing things like showing skin, wearing a crop top with a mini skirt, or actually putting my hair up.”

Closet Essentials: “Fleece tights because it’s really cold outside here, always have a good lingerie wardrobe because that makes your entire wardrobe, and make sure you purses can go with all your outfits. Make sure with your purses go with your backpack too.”

Names: Niamh and Alexis

Grade: Freshmen

Majors: Fine Arts and Business Administration

Wearing: A green sweater dress from Forever 21 with a classic leather jacket, white scarf, lace up booties, and black thigh high socks. Also, a plum poncho, leggings, knee high boots, and an orange cross body bag.

How they threw it together: “I Just kinda slapped it on because we were trying to catch a bus.” “Yeah, I just decided to look nice today. I don’t know, it was a good day so I decided to dress up.”

Styles: “Very preppy and I like fun colors.” “I have the red hair so I like more of the blacks, kinda grungy.”

Style Icons: Holland Roden from Teen Wolf and Hayley Williams from Paramore.

Name: Megan

Grade: Freshman

Major: Psychology

Wearing: Black leather booties, maroon thigh high socks, black skirt, personalized denim jacket, and a black beanie, “Honestly everything I get is from Forever 21 because I like buying cheap cute clothes but like, yeah. I made this jacket and the pins myself. I painted the back patch myself and all the pins I get from places around me.”

How She Put it Together: “I stole these shoes from my roommate. I really like the red, burgundy, the black and everything and I thought it’d look really cute with a sweater and skirt tucked in.”

Personal Style: “I wear a lot of skirts and thigh highs. That’s kinda my look and Doc Martens and stuff like that, so I’d go for like, grunge and alternative grunge punk pop look.”

Style Icon: “I love Halsey and Beyonce.”

Name: Tabitha.

Major: Clinical Psychology

Wearing: Tan, suede boots and white sweater from Target and a classic Vera Wang leather jacket.

How She Threw it Together: “I’m going to New York later, so the bars I usually go to aren’t overly fancy and I’m kinda old to be fist pumping at the club anyway so I’m just comfortable and still kinda cute.”

Style Icon: “I love Blake Lively and everything she puts on, but she’s just gorgeous in general.”

Personal Style: “Definitely comfortable. I mean, I like it to still look nice, but definitely comfortable.”

Names: Monique, Anijah, and Brianaya

Majors: Business Marketing, Business Management and Accounting

Wearing: “I have Chuck Taylor high tops, grey socks, jeans with rips in the front from Rainbow. This is a sweater with a drawstring and a sweatjacket over it and a Montclair State hat.” “I have chestnut Uggs with cropped pants from American Eagle and a woven type sweater. Oh yeah, and a beanie from Target.” “And I have thigh high boots from Charlotte Russe, an oversized sweater from Charlotte Russe, leggings from American Eagle, and a scarf from Charlotte Russe.”

How They Put it Together: “I just put it on.” “I wanted to stay warm but fashionable.”

Personal Styles: “I have more of a chill swag but still fashionable and put together.” “I have a lot of styles. Some days I wanna wear a sweater and tights, some days I wanna wear sneakers and jeans, and some days a dress and leggings and boots.” “Some days I wanna be trendy, casual, simple and chill clothes.”

Style Icon: Kylie Jenner.

Closet Essentials: Pullover sweater, pair of boots, scarves, and a simple jacket to throw on.

Public relations major, writer for Her Campus, and social stylist for the Gap. Also an avid lover of corny humor and a good cup of coffee. 
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