Perfect Spring Break Destinations on the Low $$

It seems that year after year, as spring break occurs my social media feeds are full of beautiful travel posts to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Now, as a fellow college student myself I’ve always dreamed of having a fun spring break, but of course, with college comes the broke life. I’m sure you all might be thinking, why are you thinking about spring break now? It’s only November? But I’m here to tell you that with strategic planning your dream spring break vacation can come true. With the right amount of saving and perfect destination, your next spring break can be your best one and on the low $$.


First things first, you’ve got to save your money. Now I don’t mean you have to save your paycheck in full, but you should consider setting aside a set budget into your savings account that will go towards this trip. You have to keep in mind the expenses that you’ll incur which may include: flight, place where you’ll be staying (hotel, airbnb, etc.), food, any activities that require money, and so on. I’m currently in the process of saving up money for my spring break trip next year and it’s honestly the best feeling because of the excitement that comes with all this planning.


Next, you have to find a good location and hopefully for cheap. I’ve included below some of the cheapest places (affordable enough for college kids) yet beautiful destinations that you could hit up next spring break:


If you’re looking to fly out of the country, consider the following (18+ for drinking):


1. Puerto Rico - Although most hotels aren’t all-inclusive, meaning they might not include all services other hotels will, it’s still a relatively cheap and beautiful destination to visit. Now I’m not trying to be biassed because I’m partly from the island, but Puerto Rico has so much to offer and is a huge destination spot for tourists because of all the amazing attractions it has. Fun fact: they have the longest zipline in the world, so if you’re a daredevil and up for the challenge then Puerto Rico may be the destination for you. 

Images by Nayely Hernandez


2. Cancun, Mexico - One of the most well-known destinations for broke college students is the one and only Cancun. If you’re looking for an easy trip with all-inclusive hotels then this may be the destination for you. You can party all day and night, do some shopping around the city, or just lay by the pool/beach and get your tan on!

Image by Maria Sepulveda


3. Costa Rica - Another beautiful and very affordable trip is to Costa Rica. They have so many gorgeous beaches, their number one attractive beach for spring breakers being Playa Tamarindo. You can enjoy some surfing, snorkeling, ATV rides, and so much more. This is definitely a place I’d like to put on my bucket list for places to visit.


If you’re looking to stay in the country, consider the following:

Keep in mind that if you’re looking to drink, go to clubs and have a nightlife experience you must be 21 or older.


1. Miami, Florida - Who doesn’t love the 305? (In Pitbull voice). If you feel more comfortable going to a place where there will be tons of college kids hanging around then Miami is definitely the place for you. Rent a yacht, visit some dope art museums, take a little road trip around Florida and overall just have the best time of your life. 


2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Last but not least, if you want to take a trip down south just to have a chill weekend and relax with friends, then head on over to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The weather may not be as great as it is during the summer, but it has cool beachside attractions and a DJ for that nightlife vibe. Super cheap to find a nice hotel to stay in and it’s just a little closer to home.

Now, if I’ve got you hooked on planning the perfect spring break trip, then I suggest you start saving ASAP! I know I’m ready to finally take a break from the harshness this semester has brought and have the time of my life with my beautiful friends. If you’d like to see my spring break trip photos follow me on Instagram @Jelly_4_life and get ready to see the awesome content I’m excited to capture.