Oscar De La Renta’s Dreamy European-Inspired Collection for Fall

Oscar de la Renta is back with his new Fall Collection that was debuted the night of Feb 12 Designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim’s expression and ability for making couture is anything but ordinary. This collection truly represents what it means to be extraordinary, all while being inspired by current fashion and new fashion.

Fashion is about expressing yourself and the art that you create yet choose to put out. The visual art in this showcase was particularly overwhelming as autumnal colors were chosen for its basis. Colors such as grey, caramel, mustard yellow, cranberry, forest green and other brown tones were chosen to showcase the ambiance of fall. This theme was inspired by Designers Garcia and Kim reminiscing about de la Renta’s past visits to the Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba. The Mosque Cathedral and both its Christian and Islamic roots helped to create the set patterns that would be used a part of this collection.

A popular fashion blogger I follow, Aimee Song, also known as @songofstyle on Instagram, was invited to shows and covered Oscar de la Renta well to show her audience her favorite pieces during the show. One of her favorite designs from the collection was a cropped orange caramel blazer with a hanging belt wrap, that was paired with a high waisted grey plaid pants. There were other similar stylings to this, and it helped to capture the contradicting texture that can work really well for a fall outfit. The styling favored both the cropped blazer and pants as they helped to slim down and elongate the model.

There were many different patterns throughout the night as well, including a dark floral pattern.  Floral doesn’t always represent fall, however this specific pattern seems more appropriate for fall, rather than spring. It reminded me of the designers’ initial inspiration from Spain and other European artwork, which is why this piece of the pattern stands out the most. It’s well balanced with the other white and vibrant colors surrounding it,and the white background makes it a staple piece for fall with its bright tones that are still refreshing from summer.

Nonetheless, the blazer stylings were recurring throughout the showcase, as there weren’t just cropped blazers, but there were also cropped trench coats! These trench coats also showed up in a variety of colors, and they were ranging from being a piece to a full outfit, to even being long enough to be worn alone as a full outfit. Mixed along with the theme of the autumnal colors, Oscar de la Renta also showed their best ability to have variety in their outfits.

Having variety means that they were able to show gowns to trench coats being represented as the full outfit, as well as a loose pantsuit option, and even a casual outfit with fringe on long sleeves and pants to help it stand out. Oscar de la Renta made sure to show enough variety, elegance and couture in this collection with capturing everyone’s attention, so anyone could adapt to their multifaceted collection.