An Open Letter to My (Hopefully) Future Job

Dear Future Job,


As of right now, May 2020, I'm not too sure what you are. Since I've been stuck at home the past month-and-a-half, it has left me to contemplate… A LOT. I'm very sure of what path I want to take, but don't know your exact “entry-level” name just yet. I’ll be working at American Eagle (fingers crossed) at headquarters one day as a social media coordinator. I’m set on focusing my skills and passions for clothing, social media, content creation, and writing within you. I know when you come around with the perfect job description that was made just for me that it’s the right time to apply.

I want to turn all of the things that I'm scared about into positive outlooks. Yes, I'm doing a billion things and have many interests. I’m working as an influencer, handling my own Instagram, currently waiting to go back to styling in-store, educating myself through communication and media classes, writing and editing for Her Campus Montclair, creating my own personal content, and so on. Sometimes I reflect on all of this and believe it's overwhelming, but I know that all of it will propel me into my future career. I still don't know what you are technically, but I want something that is all of the above, blended into one.

What I’ve done within the company so far has been life-changing; not only for me but for so many current influencers in training and future influencers as well. Now that I'm taking a different direction in the company rather than just in-store, it's making me think if I should dip my toes into influencer marketing. Being on the flip side is something I would love to learn more about. One day I can reflect back on this open letter and know that I made it because I truly believe in speaking everything I want into existence.


Sincerely from your future employee,

Giselle Huasipoma