An Open Letter to Collegiate Bullies

I've experienced bullying many times in my life. All I can hope is that one day those bullies find it in themselves to realize the wrong they've inflicted on every victim and never do it again. This letter is not written out of anger or revenge, but I do feel sad that people are treated this way... even in college. 

In the media and even from what I've personally experienced, bullying was perceived to be something that kids did and that eventually faded out as they got older, but I’ve unfortunately learned that isn’t the case. As high school ended and college began, I was excited to not have to deal with bullying, but I've surely learned that bullying still exists in college. 

All the days I went home crying and looked into the mirror, hating what I saw, I thought those days were over. But the truth of the matter is, the cruelty of some people carries out even as they get older. Any age, any time, any place. 

Petty gossip and unnecessary drama never go away, it just changes. It’s no longer “guess who that girl kissed last weekend”, it’s “guess who flirted with the professor” and drama over nothing is still drama over nothing. 

The only difference now is that I am an adult and I understand the importance of being the "bigger person". I have to be strong and smart enough to realize that those who choose to belittle us have brought themselves so low and are struggling much more. You have to remember that there are so many good people in college, don’t let a few mean girls ruin your experience. You will get through it, you will always get through it. 

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