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Online Etiquette 101

We all know that girl online, but did you ever step back and think that others might feel the same about you? You’re in luck, collegiettes! Here at HC Montclair, we can help you determine if that girl could, in fact, be you. Online etiquette is important as it frames an image of yourself and becomes your online personality. Think before you post on the Internet and always be relevant. Think, do other people really need to know this? Never post anything that would be considered an annoyance by other people.

Hey, it’s OK to….

  • Ignore a friend request from your boss or friends at work
  • Untag a picture of yourself from the night before…that you don’t recall taking
  • Delete a embarrassing comment on your wall
  • Unfriend the people you never liked from your high school

Um, it’s not OK to…

  • Complain 24/7 on twitter… if you can’t say it in 140 characters or less, blog about it
  • Post irrelevant statuses on Facebook such as; “like for a like”
  • Upload embarrassing drunk photos of yourself and friends
  • Constantly post selfies on Instagram

Anything you post on the Internet will be there forever. Once something hits the Internet, it can be saved and downloaded anywhere and everywhere. Anything you post online can affect relationships with others in real life. You would not want your boss to know what you ACTUALLY did on Friday night, would you? You have to be careful with what you post. Anything can be taken out of context and perceived in a different light. Anyone has access to the Internet and can easily find whatever it is they are looking for. Also keep in mind that your future employer or even Montclair State can easily look you up. 

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