NYC Christmas To Do List

It’s that time of year where you can finally blast your Christmas music while baking festive cookies, decorate your room with shiny Christmas lights, and hang garland. However, your room won't be the only thing lighting up this year. Everyday New York City puts on the glorious and marvelous holiday displays you will ever see. There are a million things to do in NYC all year round, especially during the holiday season! So, I'm going to let you in on the six most exciting and important things you absolutely need to do while you are in New York for the holidays.

1. The Christmas Tree Displays

Going to see the Christmas trees in New York City is a MUST. The most famous one of all time is the Rockefeller Tree at the Rockefeller Plaza, between West 48th and West 51st Street and Fifth and Sixth Avenues. This tree’s vibrant holiday decor gives off an undeniable Christmas spirit, so amazing that you have no control over staring at it and smiling for moments at a time. However, if you can’t get a chance to see this one, there are other spectacular Christmas tree displays around the city such as the one on Wall Street, and another at the famous “Gossip Girl” hotel, Lotte New York Palace Hotel.

2. The Holiday Displays

Beside the grand Rockefeller holiday display that is presented every year, hotels all throughout New York put up their own taste of holiday spirit. My all-time favorite hotel Christmas displays at another “Gossip Girl hotel,” The Waldorf  Astoria. Some other hotels to keep a lookout for is Hotel Peninsula and the Plaza Hotel! Nothing else could beat these hotels displays that get you excited for the holidays.         

3. The Holiday Window Displays

The holiday displays don't just stop there, New York City also captures your attention with incredibly imaginative holiday window displays. Take a stroll down Fifth Avenue and watch your eyes light up from the extravagant decorations through the windows. From Barney’s to Saks’ to Tiffany’s, you’ll see how window shopping is taken to a whole other level.        

4. NYC’s Macy’s

In the middle of bustling, Herald Square in New York City stands the biggest icon of the holidays. This Macy’s is the largest Macy’s store, including a total of 11 stories and even has old wooden escalators. The Macy’s holiday display shines from the outside and the inside. From the shining letters of ‘Believe’ to the extraordinary window displays, Macy's is my top favorite place in the whole city of New York during the holidays. This Macy’s store even has a place called “Santa land!” Santaland is the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit, ‚as you experience a little taste of Santa's Workshop.

5. Bryant Park

What is the winter season without an ice skating trip? You may already have heard of the Rockefeller Ice Skating rink from movies such as Elf — however if you're looking for a cheaper price or looking for some holiday fun, check out my favorite place to ice skate, Bryant Park. Bryant Park offers a more affordable experience, as well as including their own very lit up tree. Bryant Park also offers a must see holiday market called the Winter Village. Bryant Park’s festive holiday pop up market is a great place for finding the perfect stocking stuffer and unique food!

 6. Gingerbread Extravaganza

This stop is fun for all ages. If you thought the window holiday displays were creative, then you're in for a surprise when you head to the Gingerbread extravaganza at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel. Scenes from all over New York City are crafted out of gingerbread material, so extravagant it will blow your mind. However, try not to break the glass and eat it! Get lost in the detail and snap some pics of the most delicious crafts you’ve ever seen.