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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Everyone can agree that 2020 was a wild year. So much happened and there’s a lot to talk about when looking back at this past year, but let’s not forget about fashion. Here’s a recap of the most noteworthy trends from 2020.


Tie-Dye: This colorful style became a popular trend this past year. The hippies rocked the tie-dye look to make a statement in hopes of promoting peace in the 1960s and Generation Z brought it back in 2020. Lots of people got creative and passed time by tie-dying their clothes during the quarantine.


Blazers: This past year taught us that blazers are no longer only for the office. Blazers became super trendy in a wide variety of colors and lengths ranging from oversized to cropped. Now, women wear them with crop tops, t-shirts and dresses, making them so much more than just business casual.


Cropped Sweaters: We all love crop tops and cropped jackets, but 2020 introduced us to cropped sweaters as well. While it may not seem practical to wear them in the winter, they look great with high-waisted jeans and under a warm jacket. Fashionistas found plenty of ways to style this trend to look hot and stay warm.


Metallics: This glitzy trend sparkled in 2020 with all the silver and gold light-catching tones in clothing. This past year wasn’t shining, but this glamorous trend sure was. 


Puffy Sleeves: In the Romantic era, women would wear dresses with elaborate Marie sleeves. In 2020, this style came back as blouses and dresses with puffy sleeves were a huge trend for an eye-catching, feminine look.


Flare Jeans: Denim jeans are always in style and the options are endless from mom to skinny. In 2020, lots of girls explored the flare cut that starts fitted and extends outward closer to the bottom for a bell-inspired shape that can range from subtle to bold. 


Plaid: Whether your style is preppy or grunge, there’s a plaid piece for everyone. In 2020, plaid was everywhere. Many trendy girls wore specifically plaid pants in various color schemes. 


Leather: Is leather ever really out of style? Nope. Girls had so much fun rocking the sleek leather-look with everything from jackets to pants to skirts this past year. 


Preppy Skirts: The sexy-schoolgirl-inspired preppy skirt was all over Instagram in summer 2020. From Clueless-inspired plaid skirts to solid-color pleated tennis skirts, the preppy look made a major comeback this past year. 


Loungewear and Athleisure: The pandemic made loungewear and athleisure a huge trend in 2020. We’ve been sitting at home for days-on-end so fashion adapted with lazy-chic styles such as cozy sweats, hoodies and leggings. Matching sets have also been a popular loungewear option for even more effortless cuteness.


While you don’t have to follow trends to be fashionable, these are some fun options to explore. If you don’t own any of these pieces yet, it’s never too late to do a little online shopping!

Zoe Nolz

Montclair '21

Zoe is a student at Montclair State University. She is the current Fashion and Beauty Editor for Her Campus Montclair. When she is not in class or doing work, you can catch her hanging with friends, shopping, writing, watching movies, drinking smoothies, just chilling or off on an adventure!
Lauren Clemente recent graduate from Montclair State University who studied Communication and Media Arts. She held the role of President and Co-Campus Correspondent, as well as Editor-in-Chief at Her Campus Montclair. She loves all things to do with content creation, fashion + beauty and traveling the world.