New Year. New Decade. How to stay Motivated all 2020

We all know that New Year’s resolutions are hard to stick with. Goals are set and due by December 31 and we usually find ourselves scrambling trying to accomplish them a week before the year is going to end. The idea of goal setting and New Year's resolutions are helpful in planning a productive and happy year, but why does it always seem like it's impossible to complete? With motivation and the right surroundings, this year could be the year you finally complete your set goals. I think something that’s really important to consider is the idea of creating short term goals. Most of the time we set really amazing and aspirational goals that realistically take a while to complete. Setting and completing short term goals can be an easier way to get closer to achieving that long term goal. 


Step 1: Get A Journal/Planner

Being able to keep track of your goals is extremely important in order to execute them efficiently. Not only does it serve as a reminder on what you should focus on, but it also serves as a form of motivation. Dedicating a whole journal/planner is a great way to organize your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Consider getting a journal or planner that fits your aesthetic, I’ve noticed that it helps in being consistent.


Step 2: Less Social Media

The rise of social media has become such a craving that imagining a world without it can seem almost impossible. It allows us to view all kinds of posts, keep up with friends and family, and discover new trends that have everyone completely obsessed. We get so consumed with what everybody else is doing that we forget to do what we’ve set out. Spending a little less time on social media and living more freely and at the moment is a great way to help achieve those New Year’s resolutions. You won’t have to worry about missing out on anything or giving up on yourself because others seem to be getting far ahead in the goals they’ve set out. This has been something I struggle with daily and am making it my mission to work on every day. 


Step 3: Choose Goals Wisely

Lastly, when choosing goals make sure you set goals that you will enjoy completing. It’s not worth it at all to set resolutions that will make you miserable all year long. It’s important to try and step out of your comfort zone a bit and surround yourself with the right people and atmosphere. Don’t get yourself into situations you know you’ll regret and make sure that you have people who support you and constantly motivate you to do better.  In the end, with this support, you will be able to achieve what you set out to do.


2020 is the start of a new decade. We’ve got to start off strong and set up the next few years to be nothing but a fun and enjoyable ride. With the right amount of planning and goal setting, I’m sure that there will be no more procrastinating when it comes to you and your future. Happy 2020 and I hope you stay motivated and complete all your goals all year long.