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Netflix released an original show called Hollywood, by Ryan Murphy, earlier this year. I was introduced to this show through my LA on LA class this semester, where we learned the reality of living in Hollywood through films and tv shows. 


For one of our first assignments we had to watch and analyze the first episode of Hollywood, titled “Hooray for Hollywood.” I was hooked right away and ended up binging all seven episodes with my best friend.


The show takes place in post-World War II Hollywood, where the audience follows the stories of aspiring actors and film-makers whose lives eventually intertwine with one another to create the film Meg. This is during a time where racism and homophobia was more prominent, which drives the characters to make a difference while still living out their dreams. Many of these characters are based on real people, though not all (if any) of the events in the show truly happened.


I’ve read a few articles about the show and caught one that criticized the show for making it look like racial justice was easy. The point of the show is not to make it look easy but to show the audience that this is an idealized version of Hollywood, it is something that could’ve happened- that should’ve happened. It is not a historically accurate show, it’s a fictional-drama with well-known names thrown in.


As you get further and further into the series, things get complicated and spicy.


If you’re someone who enjoys scandals, romance, and social issues, this show is the one for you. 

Natalie is a student at Montclair State University who is majoring in Communication and Media Arts with minors in Business and Asian Studies. She enjoys traveling and has a passion for music.
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