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Summer 2022 is just around the corner, and there are lots of things I want to do this season. Here is my summer bucket list, full of fun activities to do: 

  1. Visit the Beach at Least 10 Times: I have lived an hour’s ride away from the Jersey shore my whole life. However, for some reason, I only ever make it down there once or twice a summer. Being on the beach is one of my favorite places to be, so this summer I am making a vow to visit the shore at least 10 times.
  2. Get a Tattoo: I know this may seem extreme for an ordinary bucket list, but this is something I’ve wanted for a while.  My grandfather has 14 grandkids and likes to joke about calling us each by our number. I am the second oldest grandchild, so my number is two. This summer I am planning on getting my number, in his handwriting, tattooed onto my ankle.
  3. Work on a Website: Next year will be my senior year of college, which means this is my last summer to get my “life” together. By that I mean creating a professional website with all of my professional work uploaded on it. I think summer break would be the perfect time to do this.
  4. Go on More Hikes: I absolutely love hiking but never really find the time to do so. This summer I am planning to go on lots of long hikes.
  5. Go To a Drive-In Movie: I have never been to a drive-in movie, but it sounds like the cutest thing ever. I plan on going one night with my boyfriend so we can watch a film and pretend we are teenagers from the 50’s at the drive-in.
  6. Spend Time with My Extended Family: I’m super close with my extended family, and I have cousins who go away to college. The summer is a great opportunity to spend time with them and bond before they go back to school.
  7. Learn To Ride a Bike: Alright, I am admitting it on the internet, I do not know how to ride a bike. I honestly don’t know why I never learned as a kid. I think it’s because I put way more focus on my razor scooter (which I still have scars on my ankles from). But this summer I am officially going to learn.
  8. Have a Big Fire Pit: My absolute favorite summer activity is sitting around a fire eating smores. I plan on inviting all my old high school friends over for a nightime fire pit to eat, laugh and reminisce before we all enter our final year of college.
  9. Learn More Songs on My Ukulele: I’ve had a ukulele for five years now…and I only know three songs. This summer I am hoping to get to work and learn new chords and songs on what I consider the most tropical instrument.
  10. Re-Watch Every Film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Chronological Order: I am a huge Marvel fan. While I have been loving the new movies and shows, I kind of miss the original gang. This summer, I plan to re-watch every film in sequential order.
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Hailey Mayewski

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Hailey Mayewski is a Junior, journalism major at Montclair State University. She is excited to be a new member of Her Campus Montclair.