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My Boyfriend Asks Me Out Every Month

If you are currently in a relationship or have been in one in the past, how did your significant other ask you out? Or, how did you ask them out? Did you take them to a romantic candle lit dinner, your favorite hang out spot or ask them in a cheesy, promposal way?

Our Backstory

My boyfriend and I didn’t ask each other out in the most romantic way. However, he is the most loving relationship I have ever had. Ethan and I met when we were five in our church youth group. It wasn’t until junior year in college when we actually talked to each other. We first started talking after we swiped on each other on Tinder. We had one short conversation and I then went MIA after I landed in the hospital for a week due to thyroid issues that aggravated my blood pressure, causing me to faint multiple times. Let’s just say he came into my life at the most challenging time I had faced. I was, in my opinion, a mess. I was feeling horrible emotionally and physically.


He responded to my Instagram story asking for book recommendations and from there, it was history. We spent hours talking about simple things like food and school. He even wrote me a whole essay about “Tiger King” on whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband.

We talked and ended up finally hanging out at his local ice cream parlor, painting after a hike, playing lacrosse together and then, our big date.

On the night we made things official, we went to Jose Tejas, a local Tex/Mex restaurant, and it felt as if we had been dating for years. There were no nerves, just a calming feeling of being excited to see where my future would take me with him.

Where I Almost Kissed Him For the First Time

I pulled out my romantic side and took Ethan to a hidden flower garden behind our local library, where we gazed at the stars. The WHOLE time I was contemplating kissing him, and for the first time, I got nervous. I didn’t want to force a moment as big as this so I waited.

We went back to my place and watched my favorite movie, “Top Gun.” I planned when I was going to kiss him. It was the scene where Maverick and Charlie passionately kiss each other for the first time.

When the scene hit, I leaned in and the sparks that flew amazed me. Let’s just say after that things get spicy and he ends up staying the night at my place.

How He Popped the Question

There was a moment of silence and he just came out and said it. In my college twin XL bed. The least romantic place and one where I didn’t imagine him asking me out.

Boyfriend: “So what is this?”
Me: “Well, I don’t want to see anyone else.”
Boyfriend: “Neither do I.”
Me: “Wanna make this official?”
Boyfriend: “Well, we are dating I guess.”
Me: “Yes we are.”

That is how he popped the question. Again, in my college bed. He didn’t ask me in a romantic way, and I didn’t ask him in a romantic way.

How we started asking each other out each month:

One day, I reflected back on how we asked each other out, and I got upset. How can the best relationship I’ve ever been in start like this? I told him we needed to redo how we ask each other out. We would then agree to ask each other out in cheesy funny ways each month.

One way he asked me was by taking me on a picnic with all of my favorite foods and he asked me out again in the car. I felt so special and got butterflies in my stomach from how he popped the question once more.

Tips On Spicing Things Up In a Relationship:

  • Cheesy pickup lines/proposals
  • Surprising each other with coffee/snacks
  • Tell them you love them out of nowhere
  • Cheap date nights in
  • Couples card games
  • Getting each other tickets to activities versus material objects

Overall, spicing things up in a relationship and reliving the honeymoon phase does not have to be complicated or expensive, just thoughtful and meaningful to you both. I hope you have nothing but love and romance in your life!

Sarah DiPippa

Montclair '22

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