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November is a month with such cozy vibes. The holiday season is right around the corner and even though some people have probably started to listen to their Christmas playlists I would like to share some of my favorite songs at the moment that put me in the fall spirit. 

Playing Games – Summer Walker (with Bryson Tiller)

With the release of her new album (which is amazing by the way, 10/10 recommend), Summer Walker has so many songs that I currently have on repeat. This song, in particular, is super catchy and her vocals are unreal.


Blessed – Daniel Caesar

With November being the month of Thanksgiving this is the perfect song to remind you of how blessed you are to have such amazing people around you. This song speaks to me; his voice is so beautiful and the lyrics are just amazing. This song reminds me that I am very blessed and that I should be grateful, as Daniel Caesar says “yes I’m a mess but I’m blessed to be stuck with you.”

LA CANCION – J Balvin & Bad Bunny

For my people that love reggaeton or Spanish trap, this song from this iconic collaborative album is just amazing. This song makes me want to “perrear y llorar”, which directly translates to twerk and cry… a whole mood. 


Floating – Alina Baraz (feat. Khalid)

This song is such a VIBE. I just imagine driving down a road full of trees and fall leaves blasting this song and I feel that at that very moment I would be so content. Their voices together are so soothing and mellow.

Pluto Projector – Rex Orange County

As an artist in general, Rex Orange County puts me in such a fall mood. His new album, titled Pony, features this song and I’ve been hooked. It is just so mellow and makes me want to be all cozy by a fire. 


Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Last but certainly not least the iconic fall anthem, Sweater Weather. I don’t know about you but I listen to this song year after year and it doesn’t get old. Every single fall I blast this song to get into the cozy season vibes and it never fails to do just that.


I hope that you listen to these songs during this season and that they make you feel all of the autumn vibes. Music impacts us very much and if you are like me, then the type of music you listen to affects the way you feel. These songs make me feel happy, warm and mellow – perfect for the cold fall days.

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