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Music to Get into If You’re Tired of the Same Songs on the Radio

We’ve all gone through a car ride where no matter how many times we shuffled through the radio stations, nothing seemed to satisfy our musical cravings. Turn on Hot 97 and the same Drake song will be playing on 105.1. Catch a new song and it will play seven hundred more times that same week, enough to make you sick of it. Alas, it’s time to plug in the aux cord but you slowly begin to realize the only Spotify playlists you’ve made includes pop hits from the early 2000’s and the same songs that have been on the radio within the past five years. Worry not, check out these music picks to get into if you’re so over what’s on the radio. 

1. If you’re into Milky Chance… QUINN XCII

2. If you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers… Alternative 92.3 

3. If you love young and pure talent… Khalid

4. If you’re trying to chill and vibe… SZA

5. If you like an artist with a ton of variety… Mura Masa

6. If you want to listen to something trippy… Hippie Sabotage

7. If you love Sublime… Rebelution 

8. If you like Bryson Tiller… Russ

9. If you like to get jazzy… Big Gigantic

10. If you want to dance… Jax Jones


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Cassidy Lunney is a fashion studies and journalism student at Montclair State! She is also the fashion + beauty editor for HerCampus Montclair. Aside from fashion, some of her favorite things are her dog, buffalo dip and comedy. Check out some of her content on Instagram: @cassidylunney
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