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MSU’s Secret Spots

Montclair State University has a beautiful 250 suburban acre campus with about 15,885 students in attendance. Every student seems to have their own “secret spot” where they can relax and study. However, whether you are a resident or a commuter, you may not know MSU’s campus as well as you may think.

Want to know a secret? HC Montclair will tell you a few. There are secret spots hidden around campus perfect for studying, relaxing, and eating that are right in front of our eyes – but overlooked every day. Check out some of these spots with your friends as long as they can keep the secret safe. *wink*

The Secret Garden. If you are ever in University Hall looking for a quiet place to study on a nice day, this secret spot is the perfect place to be. Believe it or not, there is actually a garden area in the center of University Hall with beautiful greenery and benches where you can sit down with your friends between classes or even after class to do homework. This garden’s beauty is much underrated due to the fact that little to no students know it exists! If you go into the quiet study room on the first floor of University Hall, you can enter the garden area through there. Perfect for the upcoming springtime! 

The Secret Study Room. University Hall is one building you shouldn’t underestimate. It’s filled with more than just huge lecture halls with boring lectures. If you go past these lecture halls on the first floor, there is a secret study room that is almost like a miniature library that is filled with nothing but peace and quiet. Room 1070 in University Hall is hidden from all the traffic that building has during the week and lets you study or hang out with friends in your own little world. 

The Secret View. Have you been to MSU’s Recreation Center? If you have, I’m sure you know about the awesome view all the runners get from the treadmills – a beautiful view of the New York City skyline. However, just behind the Recreation Center there are multiple boulders where the view is even better. On a clear, day, sitting on the grassy area by these rocks gives you the most amazing view of the skyline which is perfect for meeting up with friends or even just clearing your head. There is also a beautiful view of the NYC skyline on the seventh floor of University Hall. Montclair’s students are very privileged to have such a beautiful view of the city from all different parts of the campus. 

The Secret Breakfast Spot. College Hall is another building that is much underestimated. Although it is located away from the main campus and student center, I promise the walk over will be worth it once you find out what’s inside. Einstein Bagels is a little cafe on the first floor of College Hall with the most amazing bagels, sandwiches and lattes on campus. They have every kind of bagel, especially seasonal ones in the fall such as “Pumpkin with Pumpkin Cream Cheese.” Their menu is filled with different types of delicious lattes and fresh coffee almost every hour. Au Bon Pain is also an amazing place for lunch. However, it can get pretty crowded in there between classes. With rarely ever a line but always fresh bagels, this is definitely a secret spot that you want to visit on campus for breakfast or lunch one day.


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