Montclair State Foodies: Freshman’s Guide to the Best Food on Campus

We all love food, there really isn’t any argument there. Before I started college this semester, I knew the food would be something I had to adjust to, especially since my mom is such an amazing cook. So, I took the initiative to ask fellow Red Hawk’s here at Montclair State University what their favorites were. Let’s dive in!

I first approached my RA, Montclair State senior Emily Leddy. Emily knew her go to right away: Chopt’s salads in the Student Center.  

“It’s so good and they make it exactly how you like,” Emily said. Her usual order is carrots, cucumbers, mozzarella, grilled chicken with balsamic dressing. You heard it here first, check out the salads at Chopt in the Student Center!    

Montclair State senior Jamie Bacher has been living on campus for four years. She definitely knows her way around the MSU food scene.

“Definitely the buffalo chicken wrap from Bistro in Machuga,” she said. My mouth watered the second she mentioned it, so I cannot wait to try this myself! Luckily, if you live in Machuga, it's only an elevator ride away!

My roommate, Montclair State freshman Hailey Bunnell, is always telling me how much she loves going to Which Wich? so I asked her what her favorite ‘wich’ was. She recommends the BLT and honestly you really can’t go wrong with the classic BLT.

As a college student myself, who especially loves to eat, my personal favorites include but are not limited to orange chicken at Panda Express, the pasta bar at Sam’s, and custom omelets at Freeman!

Finding food you really enjoy in your home away from home can be really tough. Don’t be afraid to ask around to see what’s good and try new menu options!