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Meet This Week’s Campus Cutie!

Name: Alyssa FordBirthday: April 21, 1994Sign: Taurus Major: Linguistics Hometown: Sewell, NJ

HCM: What made you come to Montclair?

AF: I really liked that it was near the city. Also, I fell in love with the surrounding area itself.

HCM: What do you look for in a guy?AF:  A heartbeat. Just kidding. No but really, a good personality, sense of humor, generous, effortless. Basically Harry Styles. I imagine he’s all of those things, plus witty and smart.

HCM: What makes you a Taurus? AF: I’m loyal, determined, yet easy going. Apparently, I am supposed to be stubborn but I don’t think I am.

HCM: What are your hobbies?AF: Sleeping, naps are the best, and shopping, especially at Urban Outfitters and Macy’s.

HCM: What’s your favorite quote? AF: “Any pizza is a personal pizza, if you just believe” -unknown

HCM: What’s your guilty pleasure? AF: Definitely not eating pizza, because that’s nothing to feel guilty about. Also, not loving One Direction. These are things I’m pretty proud of, actually *laughs*. Oh, and probably people watching.


I am currently a junior here at Montclair State University. I am anticipating a B.A in Theater Studies, along with currently completing my certification in Entreprenruship. I am lucky enough to have just recently join HC and cannot be any more excited about it!
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