Making a Move: New Year, New Mindset

At some point, you move out of your parent's house and embark on your own adventure. I did exactly that right at the end of 2018, I packed my things and moved an hour away to Brooklyn. When I moved, I thought 2019 was going to be “my year!” (just like everyone else was tweeting about). I had a job, my dog and a new apartment with a mattress on the floor. My neighbors are from Oakland, CA and I live next to a bar. There are a lot of things to take in like noises, sights and perspectives. I don’t regret it but this move has completely changed my mindset on life and there are a lot of things that people don’t tell you about when they move to a city. I’ll give you the low-down on what I used to think and the changes that have been made in just a month.

Ever since I moved here, my creativity has been through the roof. That's what happens when you move somewhere that has murals everywhere and people are so vibrant. For months, I was in a creative block. As a makeup artist, that is not a good thing. Living in New Jersey was difficult for me since I felt like creating something was because I “had” to. Recently, I’ve had more inspiration than I know what to do with. It has been truly amazing to be in a place where inspiration is everywhere.

Fashion is different here and that might sound crazy. There are no rules and people wear what they want, whenever they want. I often find myself admiring people on the subway for their fashion taste and wondering where they get their clothes. I have found my fashion taste becoming more colorful and I’m stepping outside of the box when it comes to how I dress.

I have been more positive even though I have more responsibility. Things are looking up and I'm doing new things every day. Every day is a new experience and adventure that I’m excited about.

Some little perspective changes that I picked up on when I moved here:

1. Shopping trips are ten times more stressful in Brooklyn and NYC.

Ikea was a nightmare because of how many cars and the number of people walking around as well. It took us about an hour to check out and pay which isn’t all that surprising. When food shopping, keep in mind that you have to travel with all the food you’re buying and you do have to carry it. Try to buy the necessities and Amazon will really be your best friend!

2. People really are nicer than you think.

Yes, we are all in a rush and have places to be or people to see but, if you need help we will point you in the right direction! People around here are quick to smile and say “good morning” or have a quick conversation with you.

3. I bring my dog everywhere!

Around here there are a lot more pet-friendly places than in New Jersey. Usually, I bring my dog to the coffee shop around the corner and people are quick to strike up a conversation with me. There are dog treats in many of the places we go and workers are quick to offer one (she is a pug so she’d never turn down a treat!).

Of course things change when you pick up and move, but I didn’t think my life would be full of creativity and fun by just changing location.