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Makeup That Will Channel Your Halloween Spirit

Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time to get spooky-chic! If you’re a Halloween lover like me and want to embrace your Halloween spirit in the cutest ways, these makeup products and techniques will do the job as well as give you some inspiration to create your own looks. These are perfect if you don’t want to do a full costume, or as an addition to one, and can be tweaked  for an everyday look.

Graphic Liner

Graphic, or avant garde, eyeliner is a huge trend in the beauty world and is absolutely perfect for Halloween. There are countless designs you can create and colors to choose from that will make your eyes stand out. Graphic liner is a great addition to any costume, and can even be worn by itself as the star of the show. NYX Vivid Brights has a great color selection to pick from for good prices!

Iridescent Lip Gloss

Iridescent lip gloss is another popular product and is a super cute addition for a Halloween costume. These types of glosses come in various shades from natural nudes to bold blue. The natural colors are perfect for spicing up any costume, while the bold colors are great for makeup-focused looks. Almay Goddess Glosses and Maybelline Electric Shine both have gorgeous, good quality iridescent colors and the prices are so worth it.

Tattoo Stamps

Milk Makeup’s famous Tattoo Stamps are so adorable and fun to use, which makes them perfect for Halloween! They come in various shapes like hearts, stars and smiley faces. You can stamp them anywhere on your face and even your body! So simple to apply and add a nice little touch for a Halloween makeup look and costume.

Smokey Eye

Of course one of the most classic eye makeup looks for Halloween is the dark, dramatic smokey eye. The smokey eye can be done in so many different ways, with different colors, and can work with almost anything. It adds a dark edginess to any costume, which we love and is what makes it such a Halloween classic.

Vampy Lip

Couldn’t mention the smokey eye without mentioning the vampy lip! The vampy lip is another Halloween classic that always brings out witchy Halloween vibes with its deep red color. This is another look that goes well with most costumes and adds some edge as well. Perfect for Halloween or for an everyday look!

Color Contour

Using colorful eyeshadows instead of your everyday contour is a fun way to spruce up a Halloween costume or makeup look. Simply take an eyeshadow color of choice and blend it anywhere you would normally contour your face. If you want to get really artistic, you can use different shades to add more dimension to your look as well. This technique is especially great for mythical creature costumes such as fairies and mermaids.

Kayla is a senior at Montclair State University, majoring in Communication and Media Arts. She is a beauty and fashion fanatic with hopes of working in the Beauty Industry after college. She has a knack for fine arts, enjoys writing, and is a dedicated yogi.
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