Makeup-Free = Happy Me

From the time I was a little girl, I’ve always loved makeup. From the way mascara and eye shadow can make your eyes pop to the way highlight can shimmer your cheeks, it has always fascinated me how makeup can change your look. Whenever my mom would do my makeup for dance recitals, I felt like I had magically transformed into a beautiful doll. To me, being able to wear makeup was like winning the lottery because I was not allowed to wear full-face makeup until high school. This never bothered me, as long as I had my lip gloss, I was all set.


However freshman year in high school, my view on makeup changed. It wasn’t just for fun or a special occasion, it became a necessity. I have always thought I was beautiful with my natural face, but when I was seeing my peers around me always wearing makeup I began to compare myself. It seemed like the girls who wore makeup all the time would get the most likes on Instagram or the boys would like them more. Compared to them, I didn’t feel beautiful. Soon I felt makeup was the only way for me to create a beautiful face.


I would wake up every day earlier than I needed to, just to make sure I had enough time to do my makeup routine. As soon as I would arrive at school and in between classes, I would go to the bathroom to check my makeup to see if something needed to be reapplied. I would not dare to be seen by the public without my burgundy lipstick and eyeliner. I didn’t care if it was super hot, raining heavily, or if I would become sweaty at cheer practice; I had to wear makeup. I would not even post on social media without it or allow my family and friends to post any pictures as well if I wasn’t wearing makeup. To me, my makeup was me and without it I was nothing.

Photo by Zakiya Jones

This went on for almost three years until the day I was getting ready for my friend’s prom, who I was their prom date. This being prom, I wanted everything to be perfect. Of course that day, everything went wrong and my makeup stylist canceled on me. Luckily, mom found someone to do my makeup at a makeup counter in Macy’s, but I was so devastated. While the makeup stylist did a beautiful job, when I looked at the mirror, it was not what I imagined or wanted. I still thought I was beautiful that night, but something in me about how I felt about makeup made me feel uneasy.


Later that night when I was removing the makeup off my face, I discovered something. I discovered the beauty of my natural face. My long, curly lashes, my clear brown skin, my thick but beautifully arched brows were perfect. I never needed all those layers of mascara or face makeup to create my face. My makeup didn’t define my attractiveness or who I was. My natural features help me stand out and are beautiful gifts that I was born with.


From that day on, I began to see myself and makeup in a new light. Before my relationship with makeup was unhealthy due to being heavily dependent on it but once I started to see my natural beauty, it became fun again. Plus, I can save some hours of sleep by not having to remove it all off every night. I now know my world won’t fall apart if someone sees me without makeup or if my favorite makeup product is out of stock at the store. I feel gorgeous inside and out no matter if I decide to or not to wear makeup that day.

Photo by Zakiya Jones

The point of sharing my story is to remind you that you are beautiful with or without makeup. I know sometimes when looking at our favorite celebrities or other girls we might compare ourselves and doubt our looks. Remember your best face is it's best to face no matter what it looks like or what’s on it. Your natural features are so wonderful, makeup just adds a special touch to add to your natural beauty. Makeup is one of the best creations made and when you put it on it should be a fun, loving experience. I know it can be hard sometimes, but don’t use makeup to cover up your beauty, but instead use it to help your sparkle shine. No matter what anyone says or what society tries to tell us, remember this girly: you just as you are, is the most beautiful thing in this world.