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Lunge Into Something New: Why You Should Draw

Due to the pandemic, we have found ourselves doing everything at home. Being stuck in one spot for months and not experiencing anything new is stress-inducing. However, one way to fix that is to introduce a new activity to your life called drawing! Drawing in your spare time can help relieve stress and is a fun outlet. Also, it introduces you to a large community and can help you discover new people and create friendships! However, jumping into an unfamiliar thing is intimidating. So many have kept themselves from exploring art because they’re intimidated by their inexperience, they believe they lack talent or they think they’re too old to start. Thankfully, these insecurities can be overcome. 

There are No Limits

As a newer artist, staring at a blank canvas might overwhelm you with the fear that your creations won’t look good enough. Take that feeling and smash it with a hammer because there is no wrong way to do art. Anything between small doodles, abstract shapes, or fully illustrated pieces are considered art. Drawing can either take up our full attention or be used to keep our hands busy. There are no strict rules on what is allowed so don’t restrict yourself! Not everyone is a Michelangelo and that is one of the art community’s strengths! The art community is home to creators with a wide range of artistic styles and skill levels. If every artist were identical in skill and style, then art would be less engaging.

Learning to Draw Shows Bravery and Open-Mindedness 

Many people are held back by the belief they lack talent. However, no one comes out of the womb with the ability to paint the Mona Lisa. Although some people may learn faster than others, art improvement shouldn’t be treated as a race. Everyone learns at their own pace and someone improving faster than you doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Also, when starting out, don’t compare yourself to others who have been drawing for years. That artist you admire was a beginner once and has learned from the numerous mistakes of their old work to get to where they are now. So, you’re not fair to yourself when comparing your art to theirs.

You’re Never too Old to Start!

As little kids, we liked drawing but many of us abandoned it as we grew older. Only a few stuck with it and became the designated art kids in school. If you’re rediscovering art as an adult then that isn’t something to be ashamed of.  Not every artist was a master by fifteen and there are many famous artists that started out when they were adults. One example is Van Gogh. Van Gogh didn’t start painting until he was in his late twenties. A century later, his artwork is admired by many and has been popular for generations. Additionally, since you’re an adult beginner, it may be easier to grasp different concepts than a child, like anatomy.   

Exploring art can lead you to meet new people. The local artist community is very active online which can make it easier to connect with others during this pandemic. For example, MSU has its own art club called the Art Society. The club allows all skill levels. Additionally, art groups like MSU can help your self-confidence through their encouragement. They also have a strong sense of community. 


Jessica Lilly

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Hello, I'm Jessica Lilly and I'm a contributing writer for Montclair Her Campus. I'm a sophomore at Montclair and am majoring in Communications and Media Arts. My minor is also Public and Professional Writing.
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