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Looking For New Fall Jeans? 5 Affordable Stores With Good Quality Denim!

It’s that time of year again. Summer is now over, which means it’s time to switch our closets back into a fall wardrobe. That also means it’s time for a back to school, change of season, shopping hall. As college students, we want to be able to look cute and trendy, but also not break the bank. Well, I got you guys covered. Here are 5 stores where you can find high-quality denim with a reasonable price tag! 

I know sizing, especially when it comes to jeans, can be difficult. To help you guys out, I will put what size I typically wear at each store so you can get a feel for how the sizes run. I am 5”6 and 125 lbs! 


1. Abercrombie and Fitch 

Don’t read this and give up on me just yet! This one may surprise you, it surprised me too. I hadn’t walked into an Abercrombie since 2005, until recently I was recommended to take a look. They have completely revamped their style and inventory, beyond just their denim! At first, the price tag may scare you, but they’re always having sales or deals that will drop that original price. They also have such a large inventory to choose from, my hands were overflowing as I entered the fitting room. Each pair I got ended up being in the range of $40-$50. 

Size: 25 or 26 (for skinny jeans) 


2. Zara 

I think I own about five different pairs of jeans from Zara. I am beyond obsessed with them. They have so many different style options, that are so in tune with the latest fashion trends. I would recommend shopping there in person if possible, their online store is definitely no comparison. Fair warning, the denim does tend to run small because most pairs don’t have much stretch to them. I wear a size up in almost all their jeans. A pair usually costs around $45-50, which isn’t too bad since they are long-lasting. 

Size: 4 


3. H & M 

I feel like this store may have a reputation for being a “business women style,” but it’s definitely a top place I’ve shopped recently. They do sell a lot of business apparel, but much more than just that. Over the summer, I bought a few pairs of denim shorts that were go-to grab every time I was getting dressed. This led me back there hoping I could rely on them for jeans as well, and I totally can! They have a solid selection, and can all be matched with a simple sweater or a cute jacket. Side note, they also have amazing leather or plaid pants which are certainly part of this year’s fall trends. Mostly all are pants, denim included are priced around $30-$40. 

Size: 2


4. Misguided

This is probably one of my favorites when it comes to online shopping. One thing I love about their jeans is that they offer such different styles that would be difficult to find on a trip to the mall. I also love to see how they have it styled on the model to give me ideas on how to wear them myself. They always have sales, I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for a single item from them. It also takes about just over a week to come in the mail. The average price is around $25-$30, you must go take a look! Sorry in advance for when your cart is filled with much more than just jeans. Happens to the best of us. 

Size: 4 (Check what model wears and size chart too)


5. Nordstrom Rack 

If you’ve have never been to a Nordstrom Rack get in the car right now and go! I could spend a good hour in the shoe section alone. It’s all Nordstrom inventory at bargain prices. High name brands at low prices? I’m all for it! They have multiple racks designated to top name brands of all different style jeans. It’s separated into sizes too which makes it much easier to sift through. Unlike some discount stores which are so disorganized and take too much time and effort. Some denim can still have a hefty price tag, but they range from $20-$70 so it depends on what you find. 

Size: Varies based on brand you find, definitely try on if possible 


Hope this helps you vamp up your closets while also saving some extra bucks. Happy shopping!


Kayla Francione is a senior at Montclair State University. She is majoring in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Sports Media and Journalism. She is hoping to land a job as a sports broadcaster for a professional team, league, or network. Beyond her passion for sports, she has a bunch of other hobbies. She really enjoys fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, fashion, traveling and spending time with friends and family.
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