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Are you thinkin’ about changing up your look for the new season? Well look no further! There’s nothing like a new hairdo to make you feel like a new woman. Whether you have curly, straight or wavy hair, bangs are the solution to your spring style switch-up. I’m here to help you along the way from styling them, to helping you make them your very own new look!

I know it seems pretty intimidating when contemplating whether to get bangs or not, but after taking the risk you won’t be sorry. Before getting them done, I was definitely hesitant. Eventually, however, I got to the point that I just wanted a change. This haircut taught me so many lessons about how to style and manage my hair, and I am so excited to give you girls a few pearls of wisdom from my experience of getting bangs! 

The first reason why I think it’s a great idea to end this winter with a bang is because it really does change your whole entire look, giving you a more sophisticated and mature appearance. Getting this haircut inspired me to change up my own style and invest in a new wardrobe. It allowed me to be creative with my style and try clothes on that I would normally shrug at and pass by! Having this new sense of confidence allowed me to feel as though I was a new woman on campus who could handle anything. That’s right girls, getting a new do gives you the opportunity to feel confident and gives you an excuse for a shopping spree! Why pass up an opportunity like this?

If you decide to take the leap and get this cut, your style is not only open to new fashion choices, but your hair is now able to have several different styles it could never have had before. While trying out different hairstyles, I’ve come across a few dos that can dress up or dress down your look for any occasion.

Pulling a Monica

Inspired by the iconic television series, Friends, I tried out a classic wispy bang that can pass as casual and sporty, or classic and elegant. From baseball caps to ball gowns this bang refuses to disappoint!

50s Feelin’

Off to the side with a dramatic wave. This look is my go-to. I wear it daily and it is the absolute easiest style! It’s the perfect combination of casual and elegance, giving your look an essence of softened beauty.

Simple and Subtle

Some pinned back, some curled on top. This look was created during one of my panicking mornings… waking up late and rushing to get ready for class can be a blessing in disguise!

Now that you have decided that spring is a time for style, I thought I’d give you guys a list of “dos” and “do nots” when committing to bangs! Having some helpful advice never hurt anyone when it comes down to a woman’s most prized possession, her hair.


  • Think about it, an impulsive haircut can be the cause of many tear jerking car rides. 
  • Tell your hairdresser exactly what you want. I’m telling you from personal experience…
  • Be ready for tugging and teasing, depending on the look you are going for, you might have to take out some time to learn how to style and train your hair. 
  • Blow dry your bangs as soon as you slip on your bathrobe. Letting your bangs dry on their own can get a little scary, especially if you have curly hair!
  • On your way home from the salon, pick up some hairspray… extra strength if you have curls!

“Do Nots”

  • Panic. Every new haircut can seem dramatic, but once you make them your own you’ll wonder why you haven’t had them your whole life. 
  • Spend a fortune on hair products! All you really need is a blow dryer, hair spray, and occasionally a hair straightener.  
  • Spend more than 10 minutes on your hair in the morning. If you have an early class, let them be or pin them back, you can drive yourself crazy trying to get them to be perfect while half asleep. 
  • Be afraid to give yourself a trim. Having your own hair poking you in the eye while you’re trying to take notes is not comfortable or cute!

Although changing your hairstyle can be very intimidating, it’s worth all the perks, don’t you think? Being able to sculpt your image by the cut of a scissor is enchanting. This final winter act can open the doors to a whole new world of confidence, unexpected fashion endeavors, and fresh styles that can upgrade your everyday go-tos. So what do you say, shall we end this winter with a bang?

Molly Russell

Montclair '23

Molly Russell is a freshman at Montclair State University. She has a passion for singing and songwriting and loves fashion! She loves being outside and and would love to spread awareness on mental and physical health :)
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