Layering in Style

Fall weather can be all over the place and it can be hard to find an outfit to wear during this season. The best way to prepare is to layer your clothing! Layering is very stylish and can be comfortable at the same time. It’s also super easy to do!


One thing you can do to layer is to wear a cardigan. Cardigans can be made from a thick or thin material which makes them perfect for the different temperatures fall brings. They also work with all different items of clothing so whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt or pants, a cardigan will go with your outfit!

Denim or Leather Jackets 

Another way to layer is to throw on a denim jacket. They can be baggy or more fitted to your body and come in all different shades of denim so you can get multiple ones to match all your different outfits. If you’re not a fan of denim jackets, a leather jacket would also do the trick!

Leggy Accessories

Wearing socks and tights under your boots or clothing is also a great way to layer. Wearing tights under a skirt or dress adds a lot to an outfit and looks really good with thigh-high boots or booties, especially if they have a heel. Over the knee socks also look really cute with thigh-high boots and can be worn with dresses, skirts or even leggings!

Scarves or Necklaces 

You can also wear a scarf or jewelry around your neck. Scarves and jewelry are small items but can add so much to an outfit. They go perfectly with basic tees and don’t take much effort or thought at all. A long necklace looks good with a high neck plain t-shirt and a small necklace looks cute with a v-neck or any other top where the neckline is lower. A scarf can go with any neckline and is a very simple yet cute accessory.


All these tips can be used to create one outfit. For example, you can wear a basic tee with a jean jacket, scarf, leggings, over the knee socks and thigh-high boots and you have a perfect outfit for fall that’s both cute and comfortable. Outfits don’t have to be hard to put together. By taking simple steps to layer your outfits to perfection, you’ll be able to create multiple different looks that you’ll love in no time.