Kate Spade’s Latest NYFW Show Offers the Perfect Juxtaposition of Femininity and Prep

In honor of the late Kate Spade who tragically took her own life earlier this Summer; creative director, Nicola Glass was inspired by the brands beginnings and incorporated them into fresher, modern looks.

The collection succeeded at staying true to the brand’s original identity, but you could see Glass’s personal touches that were not evident in seasons prior. There is something so simple about these heavily patterned pieces that my eyes have never had the pleasure of experiencing before. Typically, a look is either minimal or extra AF but Nicola managed to combine the two and create a perfect balance.

In comparison to the Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Nicola Glass’s rendition is anything but dull. A year ago, Kate Spade busted out darker colors and opted for neutrals rather than the eclectic designs shown over the weekend. This time around, the collection boasted true colors — meaning no additives that would alter the pigment, shade or hue — such as pink, white, blue and purple.

Yet again, the bucket/basket bag seems to be in full swing for the warmer weather but it has received a total makeover. Instead of the traditional straw build we have seen in seasons past, Kate Spade had several models emerge from backstage with an innovative woven bucket/basket bags. As you can see in the photo pictured above, the design is actually an interlocking of spades.

It also appeared that the models were quite literally, double bagging it. No, this is not some type of sexual innuendo or a review of your local supermarket. The models could be seen sporting either bum bags or crossbodies at the same time as the busket(?) bags. I tried to come up with a word that could simultaneously combine the bucket and basket bag trend but you ultimately end up with either basket or bucket no matter which way you put it.

Anywho, to catch us all up to speed, a bunch of the looks were putting out some serious 70’s vibes. From the overall dresses to the built-in neckerchiefs, some of these looks are a blast from the past that we never knew we needed. I’m not usually a floral kind of gal but these girly prints with a mod twist are not too shabby.

While it has been done before, it still represents a time period we all love to pretend we came from and I’m not the least bit upset about it. Alexa, play "Bohemian Rhapsody" and if you don’t know who it’s by then I need to invest in a different Amazon product.

I particularly enjoyed how half of the thirty look collection was strong and vibrant and then the second portion was soft, feminine and a bit monochromatic. Many of the models donned head scarfs that reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in her glory days.

Although this collection was heavily reliant on dresses it still offered something different with each presented piece. It never felt tiresome or overdone. I am excited to see the direction Kate Spade goes in under Nicola Glass’s wing.

Check out the full collection here!