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On the Job Search: What To Wear to Wow Those Job Interviewers in Summer 2021

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

After almost an entire year of COVID-19 and all the effects it had on students attaining internships, paid employment and the job search in general, you’re probably ready to get back out on the job search! If you’re in the market for a new job, summer 2021 is your time to shine! After applying and scheduling an interview, you might find yourself asking, what should I wear? 

Summer is the perfect time to pull out those cute, neutral colored, but still business-casual skirts, with a solid color shirt to match. 

1. The Solid Shirt: 

 Always wear a solid color on top – this way the interviewer can focus on your face and not on whatever print you have going on in your outfit. It’s better to wear a neutral color, like black, greys, browns and tans, so that the focal point is your smiling face! 

2. Fun & Fresh Prints:

Summer is the PERFECT time to try out some fun, colorful prints like leopard and cheetah prints, floral, polka-dots, stripes and so much more! These fun and crazy patterns look super cute on a skirt, skort, dress and even slacks. By pairing any print towards the bottom of your outfit, you’re making a professional statement, while also saying you’re a go-getter and are ready to take on this new job!

3. Shoes made for Walkin’:

You want to make sure that your footwear isn’t too extravagant, but not too relaxed. Basically stay away from those red hot 4-inch pumps and the slippers your mom gave you for Christmas. Finding a balance between the two is extremely important if you want to look confident and put-together when heading out for your interview. Even though it’s summer, stay away from flip-flops and open toe sandals. You can almost never go wrong with a nice pair of comfortable black or brown closed-toe flats. It also guarantees no tripping or falling while strutting your stuff! Keep it simple & stylish, while matching the shoes to the rest of your outfit!

4. Bring out those pretty features!:

When it comes to makeup, natural is always the way to go! Before your interview, research colors that will enhance your natural features. If you like your eyes, google what shades of eyeshadow will bring out your color best. You don’t want anything too dark or heavy, because it will take away from your true complexion. Swap that black liquid liner for a brown pencil liner to give a more soft, sweet, defined look. If you want to use a pop of color, use it under your lower lash line to give a fun, youthful look! 

5. Cool, Calm, & Collected:

It’s important to dress cool and comfortably while still professional to make sure to secure that position! Dressing appropriately for the season, but not showing too much skin will actually help to keep your anxiety under control, and allow you to focus on your interview instead of worrying about your outfit.

Kate is an accomplished junior at Montclair State University majoring in Justice Studies with a double concentration in Justice Systems and Paralegal Studies and a minor in psychology. Kate is very involved on campus, being a member of several clubs and organizations such as, Pre-Law Society, Debate Club, and the Petey Greene Program. Excited to put her ideas into writing, articles from Kate will include a variety of her interests ranging from law and business to all things fashion and beauty. She is excited to write & empower young women to strive for success in all aspects of their life.
Tara Byrne

Montclair '21

Tara is 22 years old and a senior at Montclair State majoring in fashion studies with a minor in business. She loves keeping up with pop culture and catching up on her Youtube subscriptions. Tara mostly writes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle pieces for Her Campus. She is the current President and Co-Editor in Chief of Her Campus Montclair. In addition, she is a Co-Campus Coorespondent for Her Campus Montclair.