Jane the Virgin Recap — Here's What You Need to Know Before the Premiere

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Last season left us on a CRAZY cliffhanger and had Jane The Virgin fanatics on the edge of their seats for almost a year now. After this long, wild ride we’ve had with all the characters, it’s finally time to put an end to JTV. This will be the final season wrapping up all of the juicy questions we’ve been dying to have answered!

What’s going to happen between everyone’s relationships, who murdered who, and who the hell is the narrator?!

But for now, let’s recap the characters in order to know what to look forward to during the premiere.


  • Finally had an epiphany on her book topic
  • Just decided to move into a house with Rafael
  • Was SUPER close to getting engaged but then... this happened

After so many failed attempts at her second comeback novel, Jane decides to combine all of her ideas: her epic love triangle, her mother-daughter relationship, and her grandmother’s life. She called this “a big multigenerational story about love, drama, heartache and crime.”


  • Put her career as a dance teacher on hold
  • Was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer
  • Lost a friend with breast cancer

After Xiomara’s life was finally settling in, she received tragic news: breast cancer. During one of her cold cap sessions, she made a friend named Donna. She passed away weeks after meeting Xo, losing her only other friend with cancer. She’s gone through surgery, cold caps and sneaky family members. No one wants Xo to get involved with any family drama in order for her to avoid more stress. This resulted in lying and tiptoeing around her.


  • Received her American citizenship
  • Married Jorge last minute during her party

Alba has been so badass this season. She’s taken care of her daughter, granddaughter, and great-grandson all while studying for her exam. Thankfully, she passed with flying colors! The family “surprised” her with a party. Alba spoke to him and Jorge admitted that his mother is dying back in Mexico. He would love to see her one last time, but can’t because he’s undocumented. Alba immediately asks Jane to marry them (even though she still has feelings for him) because he “just” needs papers. So yeah. There’s a lot going on.


  • J.R. finds out Petra killed her sister because her own mom turned against her
  • Krishna, Petra’s former assistant was blackmailed into turning herself in
  • J.R. shoots the blackmailer in order to defend Petra (We still don’t know who she shot!)

As always, Petra’s karma comes back around. When will she ever learn? Her problems with J.R. and the continuous lying caught up to her. J.R. angrily stormed off when she found out the truth. The minute she left, Krishna called from prison and admits a killer is out to get Petra. J.R. rushes to the elevator, sees the killer with a gun and kills them.


  • Planning to move in with Jane
  • Lied to Jane about Sin Rostro’s motives
  • Hid Michael in his apartment

Literally WTF. Rafael has been soooo sketchy. He lied to Jane about what Rose said over the phone, started drinking again, and hid MICHAEL in his apartment! Well, now what? What explanation is he going to give Jane?!

We need answers ASAP.

Hopefully, we find out tomorrow night; Jane The Virgin premieres on The CW at 9/8c.

In the narrator’s words: TO BE CONTINUED...