It’s Okay to Nap in the Middle of the Day Thanks to Healing Cafés

The aroma of a coffee shop, like welcoming and warm embraces, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee drifts around you.This is a stop during your day to unwind and heal, no matter how much stress may be in your life at the moment. It is best to let it go by treating yourself, in what South Koreans refer to as healing cafés.

In the fall time, many look forward to staying in a little café and this is especially prominent in South Korea, due to the café culture growing in recent years. Since there are so many cafés in South Korea, they’re marketed toward younger crowds who particularly look for cute, aesthetically pleasing cafés to update their Instagram feeds with fresh content. Cafés have become a phenomenon in this country, because social media has helped to spread the word about the cafés that influencers visit.

On the other hand, many younger people have also graduated university and started their jobs, and stress, unfortunately, is not a stranger to anyone. These cafés help busy people restore and refocus their physical and mental health, making it the perfect place after a nine-to-five job.

These healing cafés are designed to promote self-care, and many, like the one in this video by Inspire Me Korea, consist of a package deal starting at $11 that includes a drink, a 15-minute massage in a specialized massage chair, and oxygen filters that run throughout the cafe emitting fresh air. Imagine after school or work getting to look forward to just spending time on yourself by ending your day with a relaxing massage and a coffee break!

News outlets have covered the phenomenon that is sweeping their nation. These customers don’t just come in at the end of their shifts, but use these cafés to come for their lunch breaks, or a day-out activity on the weekend. It is now easier to make time to relax.

Local YouTuber in South Korea, Megan Bowen, checked out multiple healing cafés and one that really stuck out to me was a shop with an airplane theme! She and her friend were able to experience a soothing massage, while using a headset where you can hear mellow music to help you fall asleep, as it covers your eyes from outside distractions and after they were able to enjoy tea and a snack.

With the amount of foreigners travelling to South Korea to see these cafés and experience the different ambiances each features, it makes you wonder how popular these cafés would be in America. As social media grows and the younger demographic would like to have a place where they can have some healing time as well, South Korea expanding their café business internationally would no doubt be a success! From LA to Chicago to NYC, not only would millenials get their healing time, but also a fun and new experience during their lunch breaks and weekends.